Ideas for the I-NOVAE engine not yet covered

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Honestly -

Making a planet is cool but making that planet interesting is a whole different story.

Why not a bunch of tools that allow the procedural placement of objects such as buildings or vegetation.
BUT you can drill down and fine tune them to make them unique in their own awesome way.

For example - I am making a 1/2 scale Europe in Unreal Engine 4 I need to think differently how I make content and place it. I could write a blueprint script (Visual Script) that allows me to place an entire town in a certain area. But I can also drill down into each building and make a that building unique. For example - This depot belongs to the axis at the start of the campaign or this building belongs to the Allies as well as define various other attributes such as how it looks, How it will be placed, the frequency of the placement, and more!

That is what I want to see from a tool from I-Novae somthing that allows me to get away with allot for very little time :smile:

Okay, so it took me a moment to realise these suggestions are more based on the SDK than engine itself. I would imagine the inclusion of buildings will be pretty fundamental to the engine’s development and therefore I would be surprised if it didn’t make it eventually into the SDK. As for robust tools for placing and editing, that would be up to the devs.

Vegetation is a tricky one, as we don’t really know so far what vegetation is currently supported (or planned) by the engine. However, if trees and the like are put in, a tool to place them effectively should not be too hard to implement.

I can sympathise with this. :stuck_out_tongue:

In regards to vegetation and Multi-cellular life. This could help out

It is very interesting to how people get around generating a planets worth of content :smile:

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Not traditionally what the house of Wa had in mind but I understand the appeal.

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If by “effectively” you mean “automatically with procedural generation”, you’re absolutely correct.

If you’re talking about making a tool to let devs/modders hand-place vegetation (and optionally buildings etc.), there are some potential issues… for example, if vegetation is implemented there’ll likely be more trees in the Infinity MMO than there are bytes of computer memory in the world today. Hand-placing even a small fraction, even if you had the man-hours to spend, could bloat the size of the game quite badly.

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