I have to ask. :)

What about future releases? Any info?

Hotas support is planned.

I have to second playbenni. Even in atmosphere it’s easy to whip your ship around to stay on target. In space it’s no contest and using a joystick would be comparable to using a controller instead of a mouse to aim in a fps.

That said I’ll still use my joystick if only for the fun of it, but I’ve always flown with KB and mouse in games until recently so I’m fairly used to it. Just bind pitch up to a key and you get the largest benefit of the joystick with the precision of aiming with a mouse.


I was able to use my xbox360 controller in battlescape with this app: http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/
You can bind the yaw and roll axis to two separate controlls (in my case the two xbox sticks) via double binding (mouse move horizontaly + hold right mousebutton). It was a bit tricky to setup and doesn’t work 100% of the time.

Analogue inputs for all axis just belong to a good space game. All six axis.

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I only use controllers or joystick/HOTAS. Usually just an xbox controller, hopefully an xbox one pro. And I also hope for full and proper (at least) haptic feedback for the xbox controllers. And long term wish, maybe force feedback for HOTAS/Stick eventually. Also a long term wish for SC and ED. I continue to lobby CIG and FD about this and have done for years now.

I gave up gaming with K&M years ago when I left the desk for the sofa and more casual style. Excepting the handicap this brings So I’d prefer xbox one pro controller or some other with lots of buttons and paddles. And if possible joystick/hotas support eventually as well long term.

I use Hotas all the time: used it for Elite, SC and pretty well every game that is Hotas capable. Sure the mouse and keyboard are far more accurate but I fly more for the immersion which is why I stick to the Hotas. :wink: It’s also why I don’t jump on Battlescape as much. Keyboard and mouse just feels too un-intuitive and clicky-clicky. Hopefully Hotas support will be offered in the near future but still happy just being able to experience this amazing engine.

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Absolutely agree. Flight controller is the Hotas only.

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Off topic, but I have to say that my desk ‘chair’ is actually the middle section of an old couch. Nobody sat in the middle, because people sat on the ends, which were able to recline, and it was just weird to sit next to somebody. So the middle was never sat on. Until we got a new couch, that is. Out with the hack saw, on with the caster wheels, and next to my desk.


I think the HOTAS is appropriate for the smaller ships. However, the capital ships SHOULD be mouse and keyboard. I have no problem with the current flight model, since the capital ships are still being implemented. And I know you guys will get around to it sooner or later :smile:

On the topic of capital ships: Does anybody know If they can be controlled by multiple players?

Most probably not.

No clear answer out there though. From the wording from several replies I guess the devs don’t plan to have multy crew ships.


Would be fun though If one person steers the ship and the other controls the main cannon (like a tank).

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No, cap ships won’t be multi crew.


HOTAS (or Space Mouse :wink: ) + Mouse and you can do both.

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I have a couple (1 still boxed new) Microsoft Strategic Commander mouse controllers. Using this little app called ‘Strategic Engine 1.3’ (link1, link 2). Which sort of breathes some life back into the Microsoft Strategic Commander. With the aid of vJoy as well.

There is a thread about this on the ED forums, where some commanders are using it in Elite Dangerous. (link)

I’m guessing that the Microsoft Strategic Commander would be good for capital ships. Might be nice to have Microsoft Strategic Commander support if possible. Seems a lot of people have one in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

If all Axis will be analogue assignable to hardware axis ingame, external software can jump in to allow exotic hardware like my Space Mouse and your Strategic Commander to function by simulating axis.

All that is needed is having all axis bindable and the game not implying a certain configuration or combination that blocks all possible configurations.

(Using mouse and joystick at the same time to aim for instance, stuff like that need to be possible by just not having a EITHER in the code)

Also linking relevant threads:

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Have to disagree, but that would depend on how intricate and complicated flight is for capital ships. That said, I am pretty sure I will be using HOTAS even for capital ships - one of the joys of being a dual stick user.

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Sounded fun but now moving on. 8)

The HOTAS and VR sounds like the dream combination.

I currently use an Xbox controller and wireless keyboard. I haven’t bothered with an actual desk and computer chair in ~2 years. Once on the big flat screen television on the soft couch you just can’t go back.