I can type Battlescape Infinity in Google and get the home page for here!

That makes twice I got to the homepage from Google on the first try. :smile:

Hmmm … I can tipe …
Did you mean tip ? Or type ? :smile:

More seriously, nothing surprising here. There’s not many sites called “Battlescape Infinity”. Besides, did you know Google stores meta-information about you everytime you search something ? It has been proven that searching “abortion” will not yield the same result whether you previously searched “catholic church” or “feminism” (those extreme examples are for the sake of understanding, of course :slight_smile: ).

It’s very probable they already know you only want to get back to your favorite site.

I… fixed the title for you

I can tipe Battlescape Infinity misspell it and still end up here!!! :wink:

But you can’t misspell “type” and don’t be looked upon.

I can misspell anything!!! (spellchek said I got “anything” spelled right. This Time!!).
On a side note; I’m not at home so it would be harder to get this computer to find Battlescape Infinity.
On another side note: I hate that I can’t spell.
/wates for someone to suggest everyone try to Google Battlescape Infinity and report there effotes

Are you logged into anything using your Google account? Are you carrying a smartphone which is logged into Google and using a computer with a wifi modem? Have you visited the place your current computer is at several times while carrying a smartphone?

Google doesn’t keep track of everything you do, but they put in a good effort.

I heard you’re idea’s and their definately good.


Don’t have one.



But typing I:B gets I/B and some other letters.