How do I reset my password?

I logged into a old account I had with the previous website and noticed my password needs to be changed…(not very strong)… Could someone point me in the direction to change my password? I looked around my user page and didn’t see the option.

Currently the only way to do it is to log out on the main page and then on the login dialog box click “Forgot my password”.

How’s this issue progressing? I tried that “Forgot my password” method and so far it has not sent me anything to my mail. I’d really like to change my password and other account information too.

The method described above should work fine, if it’s not working for you I’ll take a look at it this weekend if I can.

Still no email. Perhaps I should try it again?

Sorry I just haven’t been able to find the time to look into it yet. Trying to get stuff done that’s required to launch the Kickstarter :\


Well keep at it. This is not that urgent :wink: I was just having a password renewing spree across different services.

Xamino here. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I tried to reset my password too via the forgot my password link. Instead of the email to my gmail address I received an email as if I had just joined the forums and my login credentials led me to this account. The problem is that neither have I received the email for resetting my password, nor can I login to my real account anymore…

Help please? :smiley:

Bump. I have since received my password reset emails, but to my old email address. They work, but only for this account.

EDIT: Just to check I tried logging in with my Google account (which is tied to the gmail address) but that would also create a new account.

Ok something must have gotten goofed up. I’ll take a look at it. I’m in the middle of a ton of stuff with trying to get our post-KS funding page up and running and fixing some other account issues so if you don’t hear back from me on this within a week or 2 then just drop me a reminder.


While I’m on the topic… reminder. :smiley: If you have the time, that is, between holidays and post KS.

Alrighty I just got back from holiday vacation. I’ll get this sorted out soon!


When i try to recover my password i receive an email to change it but when i valide it i get a white screen with black characters:

An error occurred while processing your request.

I actually can’t connect on official website since at least one month.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. A couple of users seem to be experiencing some problems with signing up. I’m looking into it!


@jeremdee when you say you can’t connect what exactly do you mean? Does the site just show up blank when you try to visit it?

@jeremdee @xamino1 I have just tested our reset password stuff and as far as I can tell it’s working fine.

The password reset feature is just the cause of the problem. The real problem is that I am unable log back into my original account. Any login attempt leads me to this account.

I’ve just tried again and am now unable to log in to both accounts. Attached the error I get when trying to get on the forums after entering my credentials into the login formula.


EDIT: Just to clarify, I’m posting this from my tablet which is still logged in. I won’t change anything here until I can log in to any of the two accounts (xamino & xamino1).

EDIT2: Using the password reset function I get an email for both my old email address (from the old forum) and my new one (the current gmail address). However, both result in an error on login.

What seems to be going on is that your account xamino as imported from our legacy databse. You changed the email address associated with that account on the forums. This was before Discourse supported something called Single Sign On (SSO) and at that time I was manually syncing the forums DB with our main site. Once Discourse supported SSO I switched our forums over to using it. Because you had changed your email address on the forums from what was registered on the main site Discourse assumed you were a different person and automatically created a new account for you. You now have 2 forums accounts one of which should be unattainable - likely forever.

How are you trying to reset your password? Are the emails you’re receiving being sent by the forums?

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@inovaekeith, can you please fix @xamino’s account, regardless of what the issue is?

Via the login form forgotten password link. The emails I’m receiving come from

If I delete this account (xamino1) can you reassign the xamino account so that I can get back into it? Theoretically you’d just have to change the email address in the DB, I think. Except if that won’t work for some reason? I mean the account still exists somewhere, after all the posts and everything is still there. I also still receive the weekly emails on updated topics from it.

Thank you for looking into it in any case! :smiley: