How could Warp be improved?

Having a higher speed requirement for warp eliminates the exploity problems of dropping out on top of enemies and immediately blasting them at least.

It might also recall some of that original system, where you have to allow deceleration time - something that new players will quickly learn!

Honestly the warp system needs to be as simple and as intuitive as possible if IB is to interest and attract the masses that are needed to keep an MP-Only arena game going. As you increase complexity, you shed your target market.

If a battle-royale mode in space could be added within a reasonable time-frame I would be pushing for that, that’s the best chance this game would have at the present moment.

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That seems a good idea. I would regret the slow warp positioning and cool sudden warp exit.
This still needs an ETA indicator at least to limit overshooting.

ED does a fine job with just a seconds time indicator for ETA at current velocity, it works perfectly fine if you pay attention to it.

Except it frequently lies to you because your velocity drops as you enter your target’s influence.

As I said, it gives an estimate at current velocity, it’s a simple indicator and no way in hell will you overshoot if you keep the seconds at around 8 seconds to target, it does what’s it’s intended to do, gives you an easy way of not overshooting.

After reading this thread I start to like the seamless-warp idea, especially the one where you enter warp automatically when you reach a certain speed.
This could also be used to make jousting less of a problem because it limits the combat speed (can’t shoot in warp).
It sounds intuitive and worth trying, but I still think there should be a travelmode that is not easy, requires precision and is useful for surprise attacks.

Maybe we could have three main modes of travel:

Normal flight
Same as it is now.

Activates automatically when reaching a certain speed in normal flight and is heavily supported by the autopilot (speed, target destination).

Jump Drive
Only capital ships can use it. It takes a very long time to activate (2minutes for example). When activating the jump drive the shields are down and the ship can’t fire. Its a sphere of influence, meaning smaller ships in the vicinity can co-travel in the jump-bubble. Can be used to stage large attacks.
Almost instant high speed and abrupt exit like in the current warp mode. But all ship energy is depleted when exiting.


Certainly flying around a planet and its moons should be very natural and intuitive. I think folks are getting a little carried away with trying to pack gameplay into the movement system because the only gameplay at present is flying around.

Kate’s stream underscored the fact that to hang onto players, movement has to be simple and intuitive. It should be quick and easy to get from point A to point B. She should never have had to go through all that just to visit a moon. WASD means something to players and they should be able to follow their natural instincts with that key setup.

There may be modes and switches and techniques for getting somewhere in more tactically-clever ways, but they should be add-ons to the basic system, not a fundamental part of it.

Given the current environment for Battlescape, it sounds like the automatic warp is the way to go.

That said, my greatest concern is the invulnerability conferred by warp. I’d suggest going back to the initial warp idea on the old forums. Ships on other teams inhibit your warp drive just like planets and moons. They’re on a different “frequency”, so they block you fleeing on warp until you either destroy them or move away from them.

In no way, shape or form, do I think that players should be able to just enter warp and leave a fight. It might sound like a great idea for new players to get the hang of things, but it’s functionality that veterans will exploit to the limit. Just set the disruption range to something well beyond effective weapon range and it’s good. Any long range weapons would have to be beefy enough to have their own warp disruption effect. Just having the weapon near you would interfere with your ability to use your warp drive.

If that isn’t done, and I’m vulnerable at 999m/s and invulnerable at 1000m/s, then I’m going to naturally want to engage targets at 999m/s. Then starts the wars to ensure that players can’t do that - despite the obvious incentive to do so. I think it would be the same as trying to sort out teleporting; it’s a gameplay discontinuity that is only going to cause lots of problems.

Anyway, keep interdiction in mind as you play with these ideas. Enemy ships naturally disrupting warp produces interdiction no matter where you go on warp. It also leaves open the door for running fights, where interdiction no longer reduces your warp speed, but matches speeds, per the warp prototype.


I like the Playbenni’s idea.
It seems accessible enough while still keeping the advanced option for emergency/pro-warpers :smile:

…hmm that brings question why didn’t the flames shoot out of the engines sooner when i needed to bail ?
I can understand the reasoning …but i am not sold. Seem like simplifying the game so that it plays itself.

That is good point …i am more sold on it :slight_smile: …not entirely though.

Well that goes both ways. :slight_smile:

Running (if done right) can be extremely fun for both sides. Thrill of a chase is for me more fun then just ability to win.
I don’t care about wining or losing. As long as i had fun.
Can we think in ways of it being engaging and fun not just mechanical win lose scenario with zero room for anything in between? We are not playing cards do we ?

how about the warping vessel having very limited sensor precision while in warp. Although while in warp vessel would emit such a massive amounts of heat/energy/unicorns it would shine on sensors of crafts out of warp.

But that would kill any possibility of surprise warp drop attacks …then again …that can be desirable.

:bulb: …surprise attacks could be still doable by “Sneaking” = drifting with turned off power …

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I’m beginning to have issues with 3 out of 4 of these words (and not specifically from you JB!).

Simple - I would argue that the current warp mechanics are not overly complicated at all and therefore ticks this box. Some variation on this would surely be easy enough for even casual players to get their heads around.

Quick - heheh… depends. Yes, fast enough to get places without it being boring or frustrating. Not so fast that it trivialises the distances. Boredom/frustration can be avoided by an engaging mechanic.

Easy - well, as long as that means, “easy in principle, tricky to apply accurately”. Half the fun of Battlescape is going to be flying around. There has to be at least a little challenge to it.

Intuitive - this is the biggie. This is something we can’t know until we test it and see how it feels.

My point is, we all seem to be after a warp mechanic that is simple yet deep, quick yet engaging, easy yet challenging. Not asking much, are we? :smile:

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Maybe 88km/s, Doc?


great scott !
miles per hour or 141 km/h dude… come on… how can you mess it up?.. :joy:

Firstly, screw conversions, it ruins the reference. Secondly, entering warp at 141km/h would suck


We clearly all have ideas about the warp that we think are best, so let’s try this from a problem solving perspective. These points are derived from discussions, but also from what Flavien has already implemented and said about his goals.

Warp must solve all of the following in some way:

  • It must provide faster travel across planetary distances (assuming jump drive will cover inter-planetary).
  • It should not be useable in atmosphere (mostly).
  • It is a distinct form of travel to normal flight and jump drives.
  • It should not be an easy-escape mechanism in combat.
  • There should be opportunity for player-error when warping.
  • Following this, there should be opportunity to become more proficient at warping.
  • It must not be too difficult (this is subjective) for new players to learn.

Now the task becomes, can you improve the current warp system in a way that ticks all these criteria?

I would say it currently fails on being an easy escape, and being tricky to learn.


They’re all subjective.

Sure. And my suggestions will support the gameplay that I have in mind. Your suggestions will support the gameplay that you have in mind. And so on for everyone else.

It would be a bit more entertaining for us if we knew what gameplay the movement system was supposed to support.

Not that it would make any difference because INS is designing the product, not us. What’s the most significant gameplay feature that INS is going to pursue that originated with the community?

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Probably the AI. Also, a lot of stuff on the old forums probably shaped the mechanics of Battlescape.

I’m afraid I object slightly to your implication that this discussion is a pointless exercise. Flavien has said he reads all the feedback and our job as backers is to share our ideas. Yes, I-Novae have the final say, but we can help confirm or adjust their decisions.

And yes, I know there could be a zillion ways to solve those criteria, but my question remains - how can we improve the current system?

This was deliberately phrased, as Flavien has said that - while it was hurriedly implemented - the warp we have in 0.2+ is operating as intended. So it’s about adjusting this system, not creating a whole new one or completely reworking it.

I did not get this impression. While the current system is working as intended it is not clear if Flavien is willing to completely rework the system or build from the current one.
My comment builts on the current one anyway but I don’t agree with your perception of the situation. It’s not too late to rewrite the warp system. Limiting people to adjust the current one doesn’t really make sense.
We can provide input how we feel about the current one and maybe say what we would like better. Many did already.

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Warp should be rebalanced/redesigned after we hve proper control scheme for cpaships and most of the weapon types finalized.

Only when we know how fights actually work with full loadouts can we tell how warp plays into this specific equation. It’s much too early to try and decide on this system now.