How complete is infinity battlescape at the moment?

The kickstarter is coming soon, and I just wanted to know how close the game is to being done. Is it at the stage where only a few models have been done, and is still years off, or is it halfway or more done. Have you been working on the actual game mechanics? like controlling a ship, we’ve only seen a few examples of that, in 2010 and in the ICP. Will the development only start at the kickstarter, or have you worked out some things already?

Development won’t start on the game until it is funded.

What is being worked on right now:

  1. Engine - various systems & optimization required to present our game idea via video(s) and demo(s).
  2. Art tools - evolving yet WIP editor tools to facilitate building of the campaign video(s) & demo(s).
  3. Art pipeline - iterative process of techniques & optimization as art tools evolve.
  4. Website(s) - corporate site, I:B site, forums, account management, social media integration, etc.
  5. I:B game design documents - high level documents to get basic game ideas presentable for the campaign.
  6. Crowd funding campaign (requiring all of the above to be at a satisfactory state + a lot more nickel & dime “stuff”)

I’m under the impression that you would have some of the basic mechanics done like firing weapons, ect. But I understand.

We will have only what is required to build our Kickstarter video so whatever you end up seeing in the video is what we currently have =).

If they get the engine to a releasable state, that’s when they will be able to start on actual game mechanics. It would be daft to start work on the game before they actually know if they have funding to complete it. But working on the foundations is much more valuable.