Homeworld Remastered [WARNING: FANBOYS]


I forgot to mention this when it was released, but for those interested, Homeworld Remastered Collector’s Edition is now available for pre-order on amazon (U.S.).

It was stated that the Dec 31st release date was a place holder. It may be out sooner or later than that date. The standard games will probably be availible closer to release date.

From the description:

[quote] Customers will receive a Homeworld Remastered Collection digital download voucher as well as:

An exclusive Pride of Hiigara Mothership replica, over 13"tall on an iconic Guidestone Replica base. Beautifully and meticulously crafted with hand-painted detail.

Comes to life with USB-powered LEDs illuminating the ship’s engines, ports and bays.

A revised Historical Briefings and Artwork book includes the backstory of the Homeworld universe, some newly uncovered details from the game’s creators plus a dazzling collection of original concept art by Rob Cunningham and Aaron Kambeitz.

A die-cast Angel Moon Homeworld keychain.[/quote]

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But I want a Vaygr Battlecruiser replica model. It would be easier to hold in your hands. :frowning:

But I still look forward to the remastered soundtrack. /me hears the contrabass roll


I actually like the Hiigaran battle cruiser better.

Because Ion Cannons.

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Ehh. I’ve never been a fan of beam weapons, had a mod to make them fire in pulses back in the day.

Also: Anyone else think it’s weird that Gearbox hasn’t bothered posting ONE SINGLE IMAGE of ANYTHING from Homeworld one or two on their official Homeworld Remastered website?

I mean, they don’t even have gallery with a few pics of the old artwork up.

*They seriously paid all that money and they’re not going to even try and appeal to anyone other than the nostalgia crowd? Is that it?

Sweet. :slight_smile:

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Oh, and if you want to pa-rouse old artwork, here’s a link to a bunch of pics.


Also, in case somebody has any of the homeworld series and would like to look at models etc from the files here is a link that will give you a large collection of tools for extraction/conversion etc.

I’m really looking forward to this remake as I used to play when it originally came out. My dad has been playing it lately but doesn’t know about these remakes so I might end up getting him it for christmas if it comes out around that time.

Also Shipyards looks pretty cool too although don’t think my dad will be that interested in it so that 1 will purely be mine to play.


Looking forward to Shipbreakers as well. :slight_smile:

boo hiss, where’s your realism sense you monster.


What? But no game has ever shown beam weapons realistically… Ever. =(

*I’d be more than happy with a weapon that fired a beam if the only graphical effects were a huge plasma flair building up and ripping around and away from the target as the outer layers of whatever’s being hit are shredded away, and heat sinks built into the weapon lighting up. Beam itself being invisible. It would look so cool if it were done right, but it never is, ever, so I’d rather not see them at all.

BTW, for all you Canadians, Remastered is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

mechwarrior did it pretty well, with the excuse for them being visible being “the mech HUD displayed them for pilots for combat purposes”

UI assistance should always be optional. (Like sound in space that doesn’t directly come from your ship, an impact against your ship, or some form of magnetic resonance ‘eg. a large ship’s engines near by’) Anyone can make up their own apologetics after the fact. It’s much nicer not needing them in the first place for immersion’s sake.

Worst example of abusing that is Eve-Online by far… they’ve got apologetics for everything, it would be nicer to have the devs outright state ‘our world works like this’ and be done with it.
(‘active warp drives make space-treacle’… wat?)

Eve online contains a bizarre mix of story elements to justify gameplay elements, story elements that just make no sense, and gameplay elements that make no sense story-wise and AFAICT gameplay-wise. All covered by a W40k grim-black “(im)mature” colour paint.

A system that works quite well there is the Shattered Horizon one : sound is generated by your spacesuit to help you with situational awareness, so no sane player would switch it off during combat.
But there are gameplay reasons to do so : when hit by an EMP, as your suit simply stops working for a brief moment, or silent running, where you depower all non-vital systems to disappear from radar (your thrusters also become both near-invisible and half as efficient).
In fact, Infinity could use a similar approach.

For a less twitch-based game, like a RTS, there should indeed be an option to switch it off. Unless the entirety of what you see is supposed to be a simulation in the first place, but then everything should be stylized to show that - and I have yet to see an RTS doing that.

But for Homeworld, it never bothered me. With ridiculously small scales, RTS-based economy where you produce pilots from asteroids in minutes, viscous and opaque space… I simply assumed that it was Star Wars-soft space fantasy and rolled with it. Besides, ion beams look (and sound) cool.
And I mostly played it for the story and fantastic ambiance - disclaimer, though, I only played Cataclysm so far. Yes, I know, heresy.

Gearbox still haven’t given it a proper website yet. I would have thought they’d at least try do a tiny bit of marketing to people who’ve never played the thing rather than relying entirely on the nostalgia crowd.

Is uploading one or two screenshots of the game, or even just some of the concept art, too much to ask of a triple-A (sometimes) studio?

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So far, there hasn’t been a peep officially, though rumor has it that the September issue of some gaming magazine (can’t remember which) has some pics of it, and there is a reel with a screenshot somewhere. You would have to go to the forums to find out.

shameless fanboy bump

Posted a few weeks ago, but I just got wind of it.

They’re not only doing the models/textures etc, but also the cinematics (!) with, get this, ORIGINAL VOICE ACTORS!!!

I preordered this thing when it was first released for pre-order, and now I can’t wait for december.

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Can’t wait to get the collectors edition in the UK!

Ditto, It’s one of the only collectors edition games I feel I really, REALLY need. I mean… a model Pride of Hiigara that lights up! How could I not.

Email alert and bookmarks are in place to make sure I don’t miss out when it becomes available.

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I like the fact it lights up out of the docking port etc, but dont think it has anything that warrants it being USB does it?
A pair of AAs would have done the trick without the cable.
Or maybe it is a USB hub?