High upstream bandwidth usage


Having jumped into the game pretty much right when it launched, I’ve been dropped from the game server for connectivity issues about 5 separate times over the span of an hour. Through monitoring task manager, I have noticed that this game will occasionally have upload spikes of over 10 Mbps.

My upload is capped at 5 Mbps from my ISP, so this upstream traffic saturation ends up getting me disconnected for high pings as a result. I have not experienced this issue in any other games, and my network connection is otherwise very stable (other than the restricted upload, my download cap is 150 Mbps).

Is this level of upstream network usage to be expected? It seems rather atypical from my experience, but I would be interested to hear any feedback.



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It doesn’t sound right. There isn’t much going in upstream, just sending out key inputs and a few events; typically it should average 2-3 KB/sec max. On which server did you play ? If you enable F10 -> Stats in game, you should see some numbers on the top-left corner of the screen. Can you take a screenshot during one of these spikes ? Thank you.