Hesitating about crowdfunding

Hi, really like the video and overall look of Battlescape. And no loading screens? Wow! But those darn icons with faces are so immersion breaking! Can those be turned off? And are there any plans for avatars and actually roaming planets and stations?


Take everything you see in terms of UI with a grain of salt. It’s still an early prototype and very much subject to change.

Avatars and walking around is not within the scope of Battlescape. It will very much be a large scale space combat sim, but not an MMO in the traditional sense. The long term vision is for an MMO built with the engine (The Quest for Earth) much later down the track (as in several years even after the release of Battlescape), so we’d have to see at that later stage if walking around is viable.


Thanks for the Reply. Does Battlescape Alpha work on Windows 10?

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If you’re referring to the current prototype, which let me stress is pre-alpha, then I assume so. I’ve not played it myself, but I have confidence the devs are working with the latest and most compatible platform.

I ask because I noticed that the $85 pledge has access to alpha from October this year, so I assume we would actually be able to get on?

not this year, but 2016

Ah,my mistake. Thanks

It is not even a pre-alpha, it is a prototype meant to showcase the engine technology, not representative of the game.

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This is true.

The prototype already works on windows 10.
The Icons with pictures are disabled in the latest build, but I don’t know if it stays that way. I would like an option to turn these on or off.
I like them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As always the more control the player has to tailor their own experience the better. As many things as possible should be optional and/or customisable.

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The other thing, if you’re hesitating, is that the devs here are fairly willing to listen to the more sensible and well-thought-out ideas discussed on these forums. At the end of the day, they’re building their game, but they do listen to their future client base where they can.

So if you have ideas or preferences, make your voice heard and you might make a tiny influence on the way Battlescape goes!

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Those image icons over player ships are already removed in our current build I believe.

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To be more precise: This prototype is a different branch of the actual game. It uses the same engine but thats it. Everything else regarding the game will be re-done in a polished way. If this is not correct, then it is pre-alpha… if they want or not :slight_smile:

Scroll to the bottom to see the system requirements https://www.inovaestudios.com/Battlescape#sysreq