Hello i have a question

i just created an account but were do i get the game?

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Welcome to the forums!

It’s not out yet.

The kick starter just got successfully funded and you’ll have to wait for the devs to work on some administrative things before you can pledge with PayPal to get the beta/alpha/Dev tiers.

It will cost (at least) 250$ to get it right away, alpha is around 90$ and 60$ for beta. Expect alpha to be around a year from now and beta to be ~18 months away.


Welcome @spikef22!

As @Skyentist says, the game isn’t available yet, but you will soon be able to support its development by purchasing most of the tiers that were available on the Kickstarter campaign via the I-Novae Studios website.

How did you hear about I-Novae Studios? What do you know about Battlescape already? Hopefully we can help you fill in the blanks :smile:


Yeah you’ve come at an awkward time. The Kickstarter just finished and it’ll be a couple of months until the pledge system is back up. Expect similar tiers to the Kickstarter once it’s all up and running.

Couple of months? I certainly hope not >> They’re already delayed due to unforseen issues, so I’m sure it won’t be that long.

maybe less, i don’t know, i’m not a dev. there’s a lot of legal stuff they have to do now, nothing they can do about it.

Hä? What? No. They aren’t delayed.

Did people expect to see the pledge system to magically appear two weeks after KS success?

Pledge system won’t be available before Christmas. That’s what I’m betting on. Early January maybe.
There wasn’t a system to “switch on” before the KS and the guy working on it is part time, like (almost) everyone else.

Huh, you’re right. Not sure where I thought I had read it at.

At any rate, I’d hope for something to be set up soon, even if it is just a donation link. Lots of people who couldn’t back during the ks.

He’s not exactly right. That’s just his own gut feeling. It could very well be any day now.

I meant about then having some issues with getting it setup, not about timing. AFAIK, only the dev builds are scheduled for January.