Hello all, newbie question

Change combat in some way that places a disadvantage on high speed slashing attacks.

Make ‘bullets’ move slowly. They’re limited by the local magnetic field or some such thing. If you try to make a fast slashing attack, you’ll just run into your own bullets. If they’re all flak rounds, then just getting close with one has a chance to do some damage. And you see lots more explosions.

Make weapon systems inefficient when you fire in one direction, then immediately reverse and fire in the other direction.

Place weapons in turrets that traverse only slowly and are oriented in an absolute direction, not relative to your ship. Keeping the enemy ship at the same absolute orientation would be important.

Give ships a system that charges the environment around them, and anything flying through at a high speed (relative to the local magnetic field - i.e. the rest velocity) takes electrical damage or some sort. Jamming. Control problems. Power downs. Whatever.

I’m only half serious with any of those, but they’re intended to suggest that if you’re willing to abandon the idea that these ships are governed by the rules of WWII fighters then there may be ways of making space combat more interesting than jousting tournaments.

Seconding that. I do that in Elite and it’s one of the few reasons the game is fun for me.

When does FA off flight training begin? Who’s the master?

I for one will be looking for a wingman. Evenings EST for me. Has anyone here studied fighter engagement tactics?

Also Flight Assist Off worked well for me in Elite. It takes practice though.

Another thing to concider is as far as I’m aware Battlescape is supposed to be skilled based.

If someone is using an effective tactic we must innovate a counter measure to gain an advantage.

Not so much studied but I have a fair amount of virtual(lol) flight hours between various games. I’ve been trying for the last 1.5 years to get a job at an airfield so I can have cheap flight lessons but they won’t take me :cry:

The 10k offer is still open. Nah man just kidding.
Tnx to all support no matter the amount.

The 60 pledge is attractive and the 85 imo.
I’ll go 250 cause I want the early acces.

If 500 had guaranteed free acces pass to future dlc, I take that tho.
But a hidden statue and some fancy color lasers didnt convince me.
Just my personal opinion ofcourse

Not the worst necro we’ve seen so far, but do please read the posted date of the message, should be on the top right of the message.