Great Scott! (Scott Manley video)

Scott Manley on the youtubes!


Let’s hope this takes off!

Well he got 460k subscribers, we should get one or two out of those at least.

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Crayfish. You monster. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just about to say something similar. Crayfish is internet famous now. Don’t forget where you came from!


Got a nice screenshot of the motion blur in action:


You’ve all seen it, dram shot first. and then he rammed scott…

dram … rammed … hmmmmm


Did he mention that the game will have thousands of players in a server, and hundreds in a single battle?
Don’t remember it.

Anyway, this was a good video, and I wonder how much money it will bring. I think we got at least 1000$ since the video was posted, so far.

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I think it’s going to be more of a trickle than a boost, but over a week some of his videos get about 100k views. So there will surely be an impact on the funding goal, just maybe not in the same style as the reddit one.

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+TAPE Gaming I really hope they reach the stretch goals so we can have a
dogfight in a storm with lightning disabling ships and high wind making
it hard to fire, and all that while capital ships bombard you from
orbit. And then a solar flare comes and disables the capital ships,
which fall in the fight shooting, bsg style, and fall inside an active
volcano, which explodes.
Im not making stuff up, this could actually happen with the 600k stretch
goal. :stuck_out_tongue:

<- My favourite quote from the youtube comments, haha. :smiley:


Yeah, sometimes I exagerate a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have been trying to answer all questions and misguided comments in there. Does anybody know what button to use boost or to redirect energy? Scott was asking in a comment but that button overlay thing doesn’t show that.

I did suggest somewhere in the forums for the devs to make a video of a dev describing that scenario with some concept art doodles and pre-recorded videos, I think.

That’s the kind of imagination we need to ignite! :slight_smile:

I don’t watch a lot of his videos, but I got the impression that he was bludgeoned into doing this one. He dutifully went through the prototype, but he didn’t seem to have his heart in it - with an obvious exception here and there. His endorsement of the Kickstarter was decidedly muted. Regardless, he did the video and his followers will undoubtedly watch it.

P V changes the power mode

Edit: Thanks Gene :blush:

Scott is not Robbaz he is never overwhelmingly excited, he’s a pretty damn realistic guy and he’s also kind of tired from all the things that he went trough. It’s a good video, it doesn’t oversell it and he notes that planets are amazing and that and i quote “it already is one of the best space sim engines out there” that’s and endorsement if I ever heard one.


P turns power on/off, V cycles the power distribution modes :slight_smile:

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That’s just his usual attitude. Having watched a lot of his videos.

He is like that.
He does not take sides.
Neutral on surface. Sure he has opinion. But his channel is not about it.
Professional … perhaps. But i am really glad he did it.

I can confirm that, also being a regular subscriber to his videos. This is a pretty good endorsement by his standards.


Well that’s good news then. Thanks for correcting my perceptions.