Gamemode(s) and Round/match length?

Ive not seen this mentioned anywhere?
But from the info available it would seem a single game/round/match of Infinity can span hours to days. I have absolutely no issue with this as I love long term gameplay, and the best gaming experiences ive ever had was in the several hour long games of Project Reality BF2 and fighting for continent locking in Planetside 1 (days).

So what do you think we can expect from I:B in this regard?

I would much prefer that Infinity feature only a single gamemode, so we dont get the community split between this and that, but with some options and configurations available for the server setup.

There’s a reddit AMA going on right now, maybe trying asking there just for the sake of traffic:

I’m sure we will come back here to talk about it in more detail later.

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Ah yes, thank you Aus, I went there and immedietly saw them adress this very question.
Seems they aim for a game to span a day and longer, with many options for servers that could reduce that length.

Good stuff!

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