Future SDK: Suggested Skills and Knowledge


I’ve recently started diving deeper in to game design as a hobby; 3D modeling, programming and what not, so i’m pretty excited for I-Novae to release an SDK when they do. I’m pretty inexperienced but definitely want to learn, so is there any particular programming languages or set of skills that would help me and others hit the ground running when they release the SDK? I’ve read that the engine is built with C++ but i’d like to hear from more reliable resources.

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Your best preparation is: just go and program stuff.

Look at different programming languages and try out each and every single one of it. Every language you dabble into will make learning other languages more easy, and you learn different concepts (the fabled object-oriented for example). Try to implement existing api’s into your programs, to get a feel for how to deal with those.

Also, if you ever try out java, don’t bother using swt, use javafx instead :I


I think I-Novae said they’ll use C# for the game logic, even though the engine itself is in C++.

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Programming languages are to software engineering what hammers and saws are to cabinet making. The skills you need are the ones taught in software engineering and computer science courses. Go and read about some undergraduate courses to see what they’re teaching. Then search the internet to understand a bit of those topics.

That’s if you’re serious. If you just want to hack around, grab a copy of Visual Studio Express and start writing some C# code. The answer to most any problem of coding technique can be found at sites like StackOverflow.

The larger the problem that you tackle, the more you’ll want to be serious about your engineering skills.