Frustrations with the news outlets

We’ve all been hoping for coverage from the big gaming news outlets to give us a boost and have so far been repeatedly disappointed. I’ve just been ignoring it and moving on, pinning hope on the next news site, but today it kinda boiled over. I and others took to the comment section on RPS to voice our frustration.

While I respect that need to vent I also spent some time answering other comments and questions. Flooding the comments with butt hurt will not ultimately help us, so when the next inevitable dismissive article comes I’m hoping we can avoid doing this again.

If the article is factually wrong then of course correct the writer, maybe even email them, but keep a positive tone for all the other readers and try to be the advertisement that the news article was not.


These are the growing pains of a long lived project.

The exposure is good, and it has given us the opportunity to reach a larger audience, as well as offer the journalists the opportunity to play our fully functional prototype. :smile:

Have to stay positive, everyone who plays the prototype absolutely loves it. :wink:


It’s one thing to complain to the editor about a bad article. When doing so, however, you need to include a list of factual errors or very well defined issues. The RPS article was the very definition of lazy, and as such it’s less than professional, but that’s not likely to get much traction in the clickbait era.

It’s something else entirely to complain in the comments. That’s where the high road needs to be taken. “I’ve been following the studio for a long time, and I’m really excited about their Kickstarter! The live streams of their gameplay prototype on YouTube look amazing!” is both advertising, and strikes a positive tone.


Is it worth having co-ordinated flooding of forums/ reddit/ youtube channels/vids/ facebook…etc etc

With kickstarter/game promotion?

E.g. Day 22 afternoon we try to aim for a number of youtube channels

…One person alone spamming channels psychologically is rejected by many observers.(and may not be the best strategy)

If more than 2 people state an opinion/statement, It is much more likely to be taken seriously…Years of doing psychology/behaviour taught me the odd gem like this!
(just got to deal with the debt now! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Spam too much and people won’t read it. It will look organized. Something short first and a link and something long for people who don’t like to follow links.


The comments section of the RPS article would be an example of what not to do. These kinds of things should be looked at as opportunities to reach out positively, and not go after them. It hurts us more than it helps us.


Well, me for my self, and being an idiot, I’m posting nothing.

I agree, just the urgency of time and my wanting to making the campaign succeed, making me rather shameless sorry :blush:

I shouldnt have used words like ‘spam’ or ‘flooding’. Any postings needs to be well reasoned and thought out imo :smile:

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