"Flavien, here we are Kickstarter, we made it" "Yeah, I'm very excited"

Funding is at 296 418 as this post is being written. I’m going to sleep and in 7h when I wake up it’ll be funded for sure. As kicktraq is showing only 1.3k are needed per day to succeed even if the spike falls off; but If this spike continues the kickstarter will also gain a margin safe enough not to worry about trolls unpledging or fraudulent CCs.
Edit: We made it! When i woke up it was already 301k.

So here it is, the first thread to congratulate the sleep deprived I-Novae Team which we all love, and everyone else who backed and who did their best to try and spread the word.

:confetti_ball: :tada: :sparkling_heart: :boom: :crown: :beers: CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE :beers: :crown: :boom: :sparkling_heart: :confetti_ball: :tada:

THANK YOU :pray:


If I recall correctly, once a Kickstarter is funded the pledgers cannot rescind their donation. Failed charges are, of course, always a concern.

Still, congratulations us!


I propose a toast! :beers:

(BYO :beer: )

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I really want to be happy, but I will not celebrate until I see a solid $300,000 on the KS page. Home stretch! I just ran a 10k this weekend - the home stretch was the best part of the run! Here gooooooes!

Its really great to see the kickstarter being more or less successful and there is no way were letting it slip by as it stands now :smile:

Big Congratulations and thank you to you guys at Inovae and Im really excited to see what happens from now on! I plan on flying with ya all this january (or sooner!) and for a long time ahead!

Congrats on the kickstarter funding! Now just need to hit stretch goals!

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Shhhh Flavien’s asleep. Let him get his beauty rest.


Wake him up! The man needs to know!

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Let him sleep. Surprise him with it when he wakes up.


While I have the hugest respect for the entire team and look forward to seeing Battlescape’s development, I feel the need to stand up and salute Flavien in particular. Well done for keeping the project going for all these years!


I couldn’t have said it better myself. God bless.

I’d let him sleep, much more fun to let him be super surprised :smiley:

Honestly though, Flavien is a huge inspiration for me. He worked on the project for so many years,never gave up and now his dream is coming true.

I kind of suspected it would get funded yesterday night while I was asleep, and indeed it did, so I missed it. Oh well. Nice wake up present at least :slight_smile:


Flavien srry u were sleeping, you should have been there… I am following u since u did this alone in your little room in Brussels if I remember correctly.

Now I witnessed that counter go from 299+ to 300+
The moment was magic.
It had something very special and my heart was beating…

Take a good rest buddy,

Because you have a kick ass game to make now!


Thanks. And you’re right… but it’s only the beginning. Lots of work ahead of us in order to deliver a game as good as we imagine.


Excited? Im totally bananas right now!


BOYAH! :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

The final 10,000$ were like:


Congratulation to you guys. You have made it!
Time to celebrate !
Thank you THANK YOU !!!


(Stop crying about the body of this message!)

Amazing! We are finally there!

For INovae, the hard work after the hard work begins.
For us fans, the long wait after the long wait begins.
And it will be all worth it!