Failed to retrieve package information . please check your internet connection

hey :slightly_smiling_face:

so i am new just got the game
i am trying to install the game
when i run the launcher i get this error message.
““failed to retrieve package information . please check your internet connection””

Wat i can say is i have internet connection.

anyone willing to help me out

so win 10 latest build 1809
and yes rebooted the pc

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Soo update
i fixed the issue by using a vpn
ehhh wierd

That is definitely weird, what country are you located in?

The Netherlands
used a vpn from NL to NL

if you want i can repoduce tomorow and send over some logs

Happens to my too when I download a patch using my mobile hotspot connection. Likely just due to not always running “high speed” internet. Don’t fret about it Keith.


alright now i try to launch the game
failed to retrieve latest version information for the I-Novae installation run-time from the server
error code. Connection

turned on vpn and i can now update and play the game.
something going on

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Something is definitely going on, are you using a proxy or are you on a corporate network by chance?

Just got round to updating and got the same problem. Kept failing just under a 1/4 download. I’m in the UK using residential BT Internet (30Mbps download). No proxies.
Used a VPN (UK to UK) and it downloaded fine… weird


Oh sry I was busy. Forgot to reply
No just a normal home network

Alright, I’m currently stumped as to what’s going on and why a VPN would make it better. I have some thoughts as to things I might be able do to help mitigate the problem but I have no idea why it’s happening in the first place. The download is from a Google CDN, which we chose in no small part because it’s Google and should be everywhere/awesome, so these problems are just as frustrating for us as I’m sure it is for you.

i installed the game on my test server ( same network ) and there it runs witouth a vpn.

that would indicate is a local problem and not with your game.

so there is something going on with the local pc

Call your internet provider and check your node settings

Tried to disable your anti-virus, if you have one ?

Maybe there’s some kind of local security setting that drops the connection after some elapsed time ? or some kind of download quota ? pretty unlikely, but who knows…