Email notification test

Like the title eludes to, I simply need a reply in order to make sure I’ve got email notifications working properly. As always, thanks in advance!

test 1234 test

Working now, thanks.

Filling your mailbox with pointless email! :smiley:

gee thanks, lol.

Well, notifications seem to be working for this thread, but not the other I’m a participant of. I can’t see any reason for such either, heh… I’m finding this feature to be broken on many forums these days, especially ones which use more unique board styles.

You need to set the mode of the thread to a different level.

Look down … below the buttons for invite, favorite, share and reply you find a dropdown menu you can select the notification mode with.

The other one defaulted to Tracking. I took, “You will receive notifications because you read this topic”, as it reads, lol. . Thanks for the enlightenment though. Odd forum…

Well, the situation where you want to be notified of every single posts in a threads are for most people not really numerous.

Look in the settings. You can change some settings there, like after how much time of reading a thread should go into Tracking mode and such stuff. I think you should be able to customize everything to your liking.

I don’t want to be notified of every single post, but I do want to be notified of the first reply since my last post in a topic. Once upon a time, this was the default settings of most forums. Many have gotten sloppy since, as they offer this scenario but it doesn’t function properly/at all… or, the option’s either to be notified of literally every single post, or the digest scenario.

As for adjusting settings, thanks. I’d already done such, but apparently they didn’t take. (yes, I hit “save changes”)

I think you rather confuse the settings.

At the moment it isn’t possible to only receive notification about posts below your post.

You will get notified to post that are filed as replies to your post though (with the sign on top and everything, when I click on reply under your post). You also get notified if someone calls your name like this: @Tinytacohead .

Though I see you miss some features. Still. More notification settings then in most other forums.

The settings work. Due to the nature of this new platform though they get sometimes confused with doing something else and therefore seem bugged even though they work perfectly.

For instance the weekly report. For default you only get that in special occasions. When you didn’t follow the forum for at least a week or so.

I see… IMO this is an interesting platform with some good ideas, but without as important and basic an option as the one I previously outlined, I doubt I’ll ever become a very active community member. I appreciate the clarification though.