Early start of game, with gradual addition of functionality

Hello, I want to offer developers consideration of possibility of start of game, at this development stage. Early start of game requires not enough functionality, it is possible to cast away, at an initial stage, PVP and PVE. For game start there are enough scouts. The game essence, at this stage, will consist in search of suitable star system, for placement of base of the player. Actually, many factors influence defense capability efficiency of communications of base of the player: quantity of stars in system, the frequency of parades of planets, radiuses of orbits etc., etc. So for example, I would take the scout and went on search of the system convenient for the base. For example if shone in system 3, between them it is convenient to hide an artificial planet, the parade of planets is more often, the defensive and communication properties of production and housing structures of the player placed on different planets of one system are more effective. In general I ask developers to pay attention to this moment. It is possible that game is already ready to partial start, and players will make sense to play already, mastering or trying to discover convenient to system in the game Universe.

I think the best way to start a game on this scale is, depending on how many people purchase it, is have a 100LY radius which can contain 10,000 systems (rough guestimate) and all players start in there. Then obviously work your way outwards, around and so forth.

I’m not sure how this whole Galaxy positioning is going to work, as obviously it’s infinite so there is the potential to, NEVER, see anyone. It’s difficult, I’m not sure if I’m going on a different route here, but surely it’s not going to be a mission based MMO where all the NPC’s are in one location and you do missions like that as you’ll see everyone. So will there be duplicate NPC’s over the Galaxy, or what, I don’t know, CONFUSING stuff :smile:

Drone scouts should have a limited communications range of 10 Light Years (Unless Upgraded of course) to avoid just sending them far far away. Also possibly a limited number of 3 Drone scouts until you upgrade it. Again upgrading, is there going to be skill sets which you can focus into, like EvE, where you can train and upgrade certain abilities.

This game is going to complicated to turn into an MMO :smiley:

You guys just miss the whole information from way back. Most of the problems or ideas you propose aren’t even possible or compatibel with the vison of the developers … sadly there’s nonplace anymore I could direct you to see for yourself.

что неготово? например известно, что на луне, в реальности, продаются участки, хотя мы далеко не готовы заселить их или разместить на них что-либо полезное. Так и в игре, на начальной стадии можно заниматься исключительно разведкой космоса, а результаты разведки могут стать достойным предметом торговли на рынке экономики внутри игры.
если это сделать, то игроки уже пойдут в онлайн и материальная помощь разработчикам обеспечена, так как немало из них пожертвуют в игру, либо купят какое-либо оборудование, для разведки космических просторов игры.
а главное, они хоть немного прикоснуться к тому, на что жертвуют, это очень улучшит финансовое положение разработчиков.

Battlescape is a separate game from the eventual MMO.

I am aware :smiley:

I saw rollers. That is a game client program in principle not a problem, I understand that nobody will create the Universe hands - most likely the generator which will generate, on the certain algorithm, different star systems and their situation in the game world will be started. That that users will start investigating space looking for the worlds convenient to them, any negative on a further turn of events won’t impose as always it is possible to create conditional cataclysm and to change the game world in the party necessary to developers.

If I understand right (which is a little tricky with the obvious translation going on), you think Infinity: Battlescape should have an early release which is just about exploring. Then fighting can come later.

This is not the aim of the game, and would only slow down the development because it would require things Battlescape doesn’t need (such as interstellar travel). Also, I-Novae are planning to release an interactive tech demo for us to play that will likely involve some exploration of a couple of planets or something.

Please, no Early Acess (EA…) bullshit, it’s so counter productive as opposed to real Beta testing and will only make the company look like a bunch of oppotunistic scammers that actually never plans to finish their products. The far majority of people that buys into early acess have no clue of the purpose of it and then proceed to give the game a bad name and not do their “job” of actually testing the game. So you may earn a lot of easy money, but it will bite back, hard!

Kickstarter is “fine” but should mainly be used to give the project traction so it can become self-sustainable. I hope that with IB being succesfully funded and made this will be the point from where the development really starts.

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Early Access will be for Beta testers. If you purchase and use the Beta Testing part, I think Early-Access by 1 day to 1 week is fine for supporting and helping the game.

certainly I also didn’t suggest to play infinity on a leaflet with a pencil. I offered server start, possibility of flights and landings to planets, but without PVP and PVE. development and investigation. and on a leaflet with a pencil and I didn’t begin - to offer because it is so possible to play and at home, without server.

Except that that’s not what Battlescape is and would require even more work.

Battlescape is an instanced, semi-persistent, team-based arena shooter, and is being built around that. What you are suggesting would require adding code and assets that the team literally can not afford to add, and would not be used in the final game, and would then be wasted.

Battlescape является инстанс, полупостоянное, команда основе арене шутер, и строится вокруг этого. То, что вы предлагаете потребует добавлять код и активы, что команда буквально не можете позволить себе добавить, и не будет использоваться в финальной игре, и затем будет впустую, потому что это выходит за рамки игры.

Я надеюсь, что этот перевод имеет смысл.

the translation isn’t clear.

Okay, let’s try this.

What you suggest would not work. It does not fit in the game. It would not be used. The effort would be wasted.

You suggest many, many rooms. But Battlescape uses only one.

no - so isn’t present. means developers can’t make gradual start of game, and didn’t provide it. let hope on a kikstarter, a work result result a hope. it was necessary to expect everything, and to realize that means have property to be spent.
means it is possible to wish success only.

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