Discourse tricks and features

EDIT: Nevermind, changing colors just doesnt show up in the preview.




Color text by doing:

For example... [color=red]hello world[/color]

Just found a list of supported emoticons and icons. I obviously haven’t tested them all, but here it goes

I also found the official list, but its all mixed up and harder to find stuff.

Like twitter, a user is notified if you call them out for example: If i type @AngryMarine he’ll get a notification I mentioned him in his topic. You can change this setting at the bottom of a thread, regular is the default setting.

Popular websites such as Wikipedia will display a preview of their content


Added daiceman’s tip and fixed the color coding, which for some reason changed from [color] to <font>.
I think I hold the record so far for the most editing of a post. 17 so far, heh. :neutral_face:
Posting here to bump it so the new folks can see this.

I’ve found that using HTML tags, you know <tag></tag> will work just like the bbcode from the old forum. You can even nest them, so no more funky formatting. Or at least not as funky.

What else can you do with those tags besides what I already showed on the color and sizing item(the one before last) on the first post?

If you care to take your time and explain I could quote you as a new item. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to experiment with that myself right now.

This file specifies all the HTML elements and attributes that are allowed:



They can be nested -> <b>boldboldbold<i>italic</i>boldboldbold</b>
<code></code> <- Note: Tags still work inside of that tag

Can’t show any examples because when I do, the pre-format thing above breaks. They can all be used and combined just like the bbcode tags from the old forum, except where and when Discourse decides not to work.

Have I mentioned that I hate Discourse’s formatting? Because I do. With a passion.

Found some more info about formating. Looks like people start to figure it out!


Ant the official markdown documentation.

Also. Their discourse looks different! WOW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ill eventually add everything you guys are posting. I just don’t have the time to read everything and figure out what is missing and what is already on the top of this page. But Ill definitely do it before the KS is launched. I guess.

1.0 is comming: www.blog.discourse.org/2014/06/discourse-v1-0-next-month/

One feature I’m looking forward to:

  • Alert users when they’re about to post a necro to an old topic.

Not that that will stop them.

I’ve been suckered into posting on old topics before. Thanks Lomsor :slight_smile: