Discourse tricks and features

Thanks for this, items 3 is of particular interest to me, which I didn’t know.

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I’m not sure why it’s not showing the incoming link to this thread from your post in the General Forum Testing thread.

Let’s see if the above link shows up as incoming on your post in that thread.

Edit: Hmm. If you follow that link to your post in the General Forum Testing thread, you’ll see that there is both an arrow to the right showing the outgoing link, and an arrow to the left showing the incoming link from this post.

I wonder why the incoming link is not shown on your OP of this thread.

Ill have to test this later, but it might be related to the first post here having 2 other posts linking to it.

Posts can definitely have multiple incoming and outgoing arrows. I’ve seen it over at meta.discourse.org

Another feature tip:

  • If you paste a link to a specific post, that post will be inserted as a quote.
    (To get the link to a specific post, click the chain-link icon at the bottom of that post)

  • If you ‘ninja edit’ your post within the ninja edit time window (default 5 minutes), then no one can see what you originally wrote and the orange edit history icon does not appear.


Im going to quote any tips on other posts on my first post on this topic to make it easier for people to find them,

And now the first post shows 2 outgoing arrows, like it should, but no incoming arrows. Strange.

Now that is weird… Click the ‘Expand/Collapse’ button on my quote in your OP.

When expanded, the bullets are shown, when collapsed they are not.

Edit: Inserted this link,
Let’s see what happens.

That is because I edited your post trying to add the quote dots, which were missing when I just selected the text and clicked quote. When you expand, it shows the full unaltered post.
I don’t know why it decided to use “-” instead of the dots though. Ill add that as another tip now.

What is weirder is how now my first post on this topic is now a reply to one of your later posts on this very topic.

edit: As on the reason why not all links appear on the right of my first post, I now suspect it might have something to do with the fact that the link was edited in. I think the link only shows up if you create the post with it there. Or maybe it should show up, but that is why it bugged and didnt.

edit2: testing

edit3: Yeah, I just quoted the post above on an edit and nothing changed.

Check out my edit to the post above.
As I suspected, it has added the link arrow thingy.

It didn’t in your post because you linked to a post in the same thread. It only works for links to other threads.

Ah! I’ve just noticed your OP now has the incoming arrow from General Forum Testing. Did something change or do you think it was just a delay?

Its actually a link from a different post on that same topic, which I added when the post was created, instead of the earlier one, which I added when the post was edited.

You are also correct that my test above wasn’t valid since I linked to the same topic, but I still think it has something to do with linking while editing.

Ah ok. Interesting.

I have found that I was wrong about the edit icon thing that you quoted me on in the OP.
The edit icon didn’t show up because I edited my post within the ninja-edit window which by default is 5 minutes.

Is it just here or did the incoming links all vanish from the first post again?

Confirmed, they’ve gone!

Mmm thanks guys, some good tips! Nice to see the old guys back… :smile:

Is there any way to not go to first unread post when clicking on topic subject? Alternatively is there a button like the old goto-first-unread button, to open thread on OP? As weird as that might sound… I don’t like the computer deciding for me what to read… The old manual choice “G-F-U” button method was more natural.

You can click the 16 of 16 button to the right to jump up to the OP.
Weirdly, when accessing a topic from the topic list, if you click the #:heart: where it says how many likes there are in the topic, that will take you to the OP instead of your first unread post.

Hmph… If I’m clicking on that green jump-to-top/bottom X/Y button, I’m having to do as many manual operations as I used to have to, and so this fancy new improvement on forum design is not such an improvement.
/grumpy old cactus mode

I’ll use the :heart: “bug” method, thanks

It would be nice if discourse had an option to keep me logged in. It’s annoying to have to sign in every time I visit.

Sounds like a bug. I stay logged in and I don’t remember anyone else with this issue.

This is a known issue, I’m working on fixing it atm.

EDIT: Nevermind, changing colors just doesnt show up in the preview.




Color text by doing:

For example... [color=red]hello world[/color]