Dev gameplay recording

Hi all.

If this next question is already awnsered, my apologies, I couldn’t find it.

During playtime of the dev access, are we allowed to record and/or upload footage to youtube?
I understand if not, cause it will not represent the final product,
but if there are some improvements to the game compared to the kickstarter videos,
we have to make sure as muchpeople as possible see it.

Or will gameplay videos be featured on the official I-Novae channel?


I was wondering the same thing, also will live streaming like Twitch be allowed?

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Pretty sure Keith said once dev access backers get their hands on the game, Youtube videos may help with getting INS exposure from some of the more popular gaming media companies. This came shortly after Kickstarter had ended when it barely made the minimum funding goal.

You will be allowed to, yes. However you should not misrepresent the state of the game. So if you post videos, screenshots etc… make sure everybody understand it’s still at the prototype / pre-alpha stage. Also, we have plans to do our own regular streaming.


Thanks for the reply!

If I put some videos up, i’ll make sure to place it somewhere on screen and mentioning it several times!

Glad to hear that, I look foward to recording too. I’m already amazed how stable the prototype was, it crashed a couple of times and after some time with many players the framerate dropped, but overall everything seemed pretty solid. Quite the opposite of what I have seen of SC so far for example.

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I can’t remember it crashing once on my amd card. And I played it extensively during the kickstarter. The only issue was the mentioned frame rate drop after a while, but thats a known bug as far as I remember. Looking forward to recording some new videos, especially with more players, the skies were filled with lasers during the stream events, this is going to be insane with even more players. :slight_smile:

It was probably because I had 4gb of RAM instead of the minimum 8gb.

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NICE! I really want some new twitch infinity streams and videos to watch ^^

A overlay saying “alpha footage” “placeholder alpha assets”?

If it’s lasers you enjoy I can make sure your 6 is always filled with them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, the division has a permanent watermark saying it’s beta:

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I did not understand. Already there are people playing? Because I have not received?

Not yet, just asking ahead of time.