Decals and bobblehead

hi i-novae,

my post is regarding to your plans to put bobblehead, decals and maybe other individual customs onto the ship.
since you are developing a fighting game where you are practically loosing your ship within minutes it might be a bit of an immersion breaker to always have the same look and interiour, regardless whether you just blow your ship up.

Also i would find it more realistic to have a gameplay logic similar to DOTA or FOR HONOR, where the player is kind of a hero who is hard to kill, where else the npc pigeons die like flies in a battle. Maybe repair docks make sense as well…

just my two cents :slight_smile:

keep up the good work, im really looking forward to finally play the game



I remember a developer sometime ago stating they would have a switch to turn them on/off.

There are currently no plans to implement a combat AI. That would be a significant amount of work and introduces a lot of other issues too.

Maybe it’s all just a simulation? That explains how you respawn and how your new ship has your bobble heads etc.

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Hello @smoe and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There has been quite a lot of talk about what or how the gameplay should be for Battlescape. I’ll let you make your own search as the forum search is pretty effective IMO.

However, you may be more interested into the actual future gameplay, which the dev hinted about just before / during the KS.
It does not describe the concrete description given in the weekly updates, especially for the capital ships, but it will give an idea of the global strategy the dev team would like to apply in their game.

Cheers :wink: