Dark Color Scheme Needed, Because I'm Going Blind

Any chance of moving back to, or implementing a user preference option to move, at least the forums back to a dark color scheme similar to what was used on the old website? At night, bright websites irritate me. Actually bright websites irritate me in general. I hate bright things.

I understand there is a lot on your plate before you get to this, but I think it would be great.

As an aside, is this where website suggestions should be posted? I’m not sure this is technically related to “Support”.


Forum theme is in development:

I think this category is currently the best place for it.


As I said on the old forums I think the dark theme is a must. Also some uniqueness should be there.


Oh, well that answers that question. It was hidden in another thread, or else I wouldn’t have made a topic about it. I suppose my poor eyes will have to wait.

Just FYI: If you type ‘theme’ into the search box (magnifying glass, top right) then click ‘Welcome to the new I-Novae Studios forums!’, that will take you directly to the post I quoted.


There was already some discussion about it. Not gonna rewrite a whole block so here’s the link:
Most annoying on this forum…⁣

Long story short: light or dark theme are not such a big matter. It’s the background vs foreground that counts, because this creates the contrast.

Discourse does have the ability for users to select a colour scheme for themselves. It has to be in the system first though and it’s done with URLs, there is no UI for it (although one can be easily added).