Crowdboarders has noticed, significant?

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So. . . I retweeted Keith’s latest tweet a few minutes ago (the one talking about upgrading the site in preparation for the KS), and not but a couple minutes later, I get the following response:

Is this significant? :confused:

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I’d say it’s just spam :

After a little research, no.

Their Facebook page has ~600 likes on it, Google News search shows two articles on them and their own site hints at a “mini-investment” scheme, so they are a bunch of people happy to give some cash in return for equity, rewards or just as charity. And as Cyc pointed out, their twitter account is a bit questionable, have no idea where they got all those followers, it is possible to buy followers these days.

I don’t think they are the heavy hitters or the mass-market types needed and they might want equity in return. :frowning:

Especially the twitter feed/timeline/whateveritscalled is quite suspicious. Nearly identical tweets (save the twitter…ers… username) are tweeted to so many peoples… the handle registered in 2013 and gathered 138k tweets since then which means that on average the twitter handle sends 144 to 145 tweets a day, or roughly six per hour, or one every ten minutes. (interestingly since I started writing this post the twitterbot made another 27 nearly identical tweets)

Whenever one of my tweets includes mention of crowd funding or Kickstarter I get subs from these sorts of accounts. I look into them sometimes, but they don’t usually lead anywhere. It’s always worth some investigation though.