Comparison: Battlescape vs. real world

Hello community,

I’ve searched for a fitting thread but could’t find a match. In this thread you can post comparison from Battlescape to real world shots to get a feeling about HOW realistic the engine really is. Just look at these 2 images: guess which one is real and which one is ingame. :slightly_smiling:

(the first image is taken from the ISS and is actually the real Himalaya)


This sounds like fun, here’s a nice comparison I found:


Yeah, I got that one right. But of course I know what the game looks like from a ton of video footage.

Damn, those sand dunes.

Guessing you’re not going to be able to plough through them though.

Might have been harder to guess if the ringed planet wasn’t in the background in the second shot of the OP’s post. Kinda gave it away since there’s no ringed planet that close to Earth.

But yea, I see the similarities.


Well, the giant purple planet is quite sort of a giveaway :slightly_smiling:

I wish Jupiter was purple.

If it was purple, you’d just be wishing it was orange or something. :wink:



Orange? What an odd idea; there is only one choice against Purple. Face it, a green planet would just look better.



The logo too…

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There are planets out there that come in every color imaginable. Humanity just hasn’t found them yet.


Beautiful pics.

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There are even planets like 55 Cancri e made out of diamonds. Pretty sure there are planets we haven’t even imagined yet out there.


Yeah, that’s some serious Grade A speculation going on right there.


Tell it to NASA.

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A planet 40 light-years from our solar system, believed to be the first-ever discovered planet to consist largely of diamond, may in fact be of a less exquisite nature, according to new research led by Johanna Teske from the University of Arizona.

estimates of its size and mass were consistent with a dense planet of solid rock. Spitzer data suggest otherwise: About a fifth of the planet’s mass must be made of light elements and compounds–including water. Given the intense heat and high pressure these materials likely experience, researchers think the compounds likely exist in a “supercritical” fluid state.
A supercritical fluid is a high-pressure, high-temperature state of matter best described as a liquid-like gas, and a marvelous solvent. Water becomes supercritical in some steam turbines–and it tends to dissolve the tips of the turbine blades. Supercritical carbon dioxide is used to remove caffeine from coffee beans, and sometimes to dry-clean clothes. Liquid-fueled rocket propellant is also supercritical when it emerges from the tail of a spaceship.
On 55 Cancri e, this stuff may be literally oozing–or is it steaming?–out of the rocks.

A quick google search and skimming of the first page results says otherwise, including sources from NASA…

However, a planet with a near supercritical atmosphere sounds pretty exotic to me, so your original premise of weird unimaginable planets holds true.


Guess you would have to qualify what is ‘speculation’. After all, early explorers and scientists use to speculate the world was round and orbiting the sun instead of the other way round. Speculation doesn’t come from thin air unless you are an internet blogger.

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Yeah, that bugged me also… but I just gave it a try… :slightly_smiling:

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Are you implying that is just an internet blogger? Honest question, no malice intended although I unintentionally sort of sounded like that.

Guess you would have to qualify what is ‘speculation’. After all, early explorers and scientists use to speculate the world was round and orbiting the sun instead of the other way round.

That’s also not entirely true, scientists and explorers had a pretty good idea that the Earth was round since Eratosthenes ca 200 B.C. It was the uneducated and those who wanted power over the uneducated who expressed the belief of a flat Earth.