Commander Mode style for the game

Think back to the days of Battlefield 2/4 when there were 32 players a side and many obectives around the map at the same time. Then you got an order from up on high, someone watching from another game screen who could see the overal match and direct forces to areas. (they dont play directly ingame)


  1. Can give someone the chance to direct the outcome of a major battle or overall session
  2. Certain obejectives and battles could have benefits, like extra $$ or a bonus reward for winning
  3. Bounties and high value targets could be manually set
  4. You dont have to follow the order, but if you do, the battles get more fierces and fun.


  1. Maybe this mode is copyrighted somehow?
  2. It might not be what the developers were thinking of nor want to implement.
  3. Players might get annoyed with order spam

I personally loved that mode and would spend most of gaming hours playing just as the commander for hours at a time, it was like an RTS game for me.

I think could add a lot of fun to session based combat like this game and would love to see it. I hope you can add to it, or if its not for you, sure, I see that :slight_smile: As the game grows, i for sure hope something like this would come into play asn I see it as part of the immersion and overall fun.

Wentex o7

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Hi there Wentex,

It is definitely an idea. I do wonder how different the mode would have to be from standard BF4 commander mode, given that some key factors are different, like it being a battle fought in a 3D space instead of a fairly 2D space. My first gut feeling would be something that looks kinda like Eve Online, lots of spreadsheets etc…
Another point would be the commander-to-player-ratio. The player size per match is geared to be more than double the size of a BF4 game, meaning a lot less people will have a go at the system. This reminds me of a system used in a Massive Action Game for the PS3, which pretty much used a chain of commands from Squad Leaders, all the way up to the leader of the team, with each commander getting more powerful orders, up to calling air strikes. That system was mostly location-based giving each commander a quarter of the map to play in, so I dont know how that would work…