Christmas goodies!

The I-Novae team would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas with a new blog post and a big content release! A whole bunch of new screen shots including some teasers of the new content you will see in our Kickstarter campaign video. Check it out and let us know what you think:


I was just logging in to post if anyone had seen the blog…I just happened to read it because a friend linked it to me.

Thanks for the update Keith! Those teaser photos look soooooooooo good!

I am Hype to the max.

Great little post to kick off my Christmas morning, thanks Keith! Whilst I’m obviously sad for no Kickstarter this year (you remembered to update the slidey advert on the website?) I wish you all the best. It sounds like things are really coming together.

Some may be disappointed by this news. I was sort of expecting it. However, because I’ve been here a while I can read between the lines a bit and I’m excited to hear the different tone to this blog post! After years of fiddling with the engine to get it right, it sounds like you’re really finishing up!

Now it’s just a question of how long that finishing takes. Smart move not giving us any “promises” on that front - some people rage way too much if they’re not used to how you all work!

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Was hoping for a date. :wink:

Blog makes me think you are targeting the KS in the next few months…

Buildings! :open_mouth: and… the good ol’ REMORA! :smiley:

Buildings are looking awesome!

Yay! Goodies!
I was surprised to see those buildings, but yeah… looking good. Are all of the buildings we’re seeing modelled?

Wow, the buildings change the landscape so much, beautiful. :open_mouth:

Now take a break god damn you.

Holy cow, those pictures are magnificent

Yes, however they are low poly/simple textured for purposes of their usage as background assets only.

I’m not disappointed. All this time the team’s been working and doing their best against (inevitable) setbacks. Including the resolution to not give precise deadlines, ultimately the best choice there.

This is awesome. :slight_smile: Strictly from a fundamental POV of realistic rendering, I reckon you guys have what it takes to have the best, most awesome SF universe. Not that the competition isn’t awesome itself.

What a great time to be a SF fan.

[quote=“cybercritic, post:4, topic:578”]
Blog makes me think you are targeting the KS in the next few months…[/quote]

Here’s what the blog says.

Think more in terms of six to nine months. Look closely at each item he lists. Who can do it, who has experience doing it, and what sorts of decisions go into the task. Note that another video needs to be created for the campaign itself. That video hasn’t been scripted yet. The stretch goals haven’t been nailed down. How about the Kickstarter rewards? These are all major make-or-break decisions that the company is obliged to fulfill. Tack on the Battlescape website. All that by a small team working part-time.

My best guess is August 2015. If they had a full time team, I’d guess May 2015.

Oh, and that’s assuming no surprises like Kickstarter changing requirements on them or another game in the genre throwing them a nasty ol’ curve ball, etc.

I think you are mistaken @JB47394, they have been working on the KS video for some time now and are probably at the finalization stage. Also they had an iteration of the KS goals, tiers and rewards about a year back, I think that is pretty much set. As for marketing, they have a new marketing guy, that’s one of the reasons we have been getting pics from the devs.

My guess is that they are targeting for the next few months, but that the real time-frame will be somewhere around your guess, mid-2015.

As a developer I like to talk about features only when they are over 75% done, maybe that is what Keith is doing :wink:

I only have my laptop with me at the moment so I’m a bit hesitant to update the site at this exact moment in time because if I break it then I’m going to have a hard time bringing it back up before I get back from visiting family. I’ll update it in a few days when I get back to my desktop.

Merry christmas to the INovae Dev Team and the rest of the community! Those goodies look delicious

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Cities are one of the 3 major things I’ve been waiting to see implemented since joining the community. The other two are clouds and trees. That concept piece with clouds kinda delivers 2 out of the 3 although the clouds are just photoshopped in at this point :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Kickstarter!

You’re showing a harbor.

Does that mean we’ll see ships of the oceangoing variety and/or space ships designed for water landing?

Like if these pictures are already your wallpaper.

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While not totally improbable, neither is planned/scoped for I:B.

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So you’re saying there’s a chance.

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How are you going to model tons of buildings for the planets?, you will definitely need some sort of procedural approach to generate these buildings otherwise you will need a huge artist team throwing out content in the game which would be an impossible task on the scale of Infinity universe. Similarly with other asset types as well such as ships, trees etc. Since battlescape is going to set a standard for the whole universe generation, you will definitely need to develop it in a way that you can extend it to that scale easily in future. So how have you planned for that?