Can't get my download from this kickstarter!

I made my I-Novae account, and linked it to my steam.

I waited. Nothing.

I came and looked and saw that I didn’t use the correct email account, so I added it to the account I first made, then it showed up in purchases, but never showed up in Steam.

So I tried to make an account with the correct email and I can’t link it to my Steam account as it’s still linked to the first account.

So far, comments on the kickstarter have done nothing, and an email to the I-Novae support email has resulted in nothing at all. No response at all.

So now I’m stuck in a way where I cannot get this game, and I’m just out the money from 2015.

Bad form. Just bad form from I-Novae all around.

I guess I need to go comment on the Steam comments to tell people this has NO support.


We don’t have somebody that does technical support 24h/7, so it can take a few days to get an answer to our e-mail support. More advanced issues ( like yours it seems ) usually need to wait for the week-end, as the person that handles it has a full-time day job. Sorry for that.

You should already be able to play the game, just go the game’s webpage and click on the download button.

As for Steam, there was clearly a mix up which might gonna need a manual fix to the database, so it’ll take some time to investigate what happened. Just send another e-mail if it didn’t get fixed by next week, thank you for your patience.

I am very thankful for your reply sir.

I am also very embarrassed as I didn’t know there was a page with a download link for the game available. For some reason I was thinking it had to be done via Steam. I am very sorry for my confusion, and frustration.

I am now downloading from the link, and site you mentioned that I didn’t know about earlier.

Once again thank you for your time, and your response.

No problem. And to be clear, you can use either our own platform’s direct download, either Steam ( or both if you really wanted ). Most people prefer to have the game in their Steam library so I totally understand that you’d want to have it too. I suspect your issue comes from the fact you linked your Steam account before you had registered your Kickstarter’s email, which is a scenario that we probably don’t handle correctly, so it’ll need a fix anyways. Thanks for the report.