Bug? What is wrong with our sun?

I was a little bit funny over the weekend and had a nice trip to the sun. I always thought the sun would be part of the cubemap, however it is an actual object in the solar system. Weirdly I could fly through it with ease (it took me around 10 minutes to get there). After that I noticed that the lighting is static and detached from the sun.

Question: is this a bug/WIP feature or is it intended for the final game that players can’t fly to the sun to not get this experience of having lighting and sun position “de-synced”? (I read a few months back that the final game will have even 2 suns but that lighting is technically very difficult from 2 sources of light)

The current star is just placeholder as far as we know. And yeah, it’s a little odd right now. :slight_smile:

I was planning to wright about it as well. During recent Alpha backer weekend I’ve also decided to do a fun test and crash into star :sunglasses:. I didn’t expect to see alarms buzzing, my ship melting, etc. But I did not expected to fly through it either.

The other fun test that I’ve made was landing on lava. Yup, totally landable. Great lava boiling sound, btw.

Although those things do not affect game play, they are odd :wink:.

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The entire planetary system is a rough placeholder, especially the sun which is totally “fake” and is there just to give you light for the playable area :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. Also note that the relative sun brightness is a constant and does not depend on distance. So whether you’re millions of Km away or close to it, its intensity remains the same. We’ll address that probably in the next major patch before alpha. Results with HDR might be… interesting.


Is Keith’s post about lighting from 2011 still accurate regarding your plans for the engine?

It sounded like you were taking a pretty innovative approach and the accuracy you were aiming for was kinda exciting.

Can you say roughly how complete your lighting implementation is? Is there much more to do?

Most of it is finished however there’s still some work to be done on HDR and we have a problem with the star’s intensity being so high it actually quickly exceeds our currently available precision.