Brutal DOOM "online"

Some of the more fonder games I remember playing growing up were those of id Software developed titles. A couple of weeks ago I got to delving back into those old DOOM and DOOM II games but only this time digitally rather than trying to boot up some old floppy disks. It was like a blast from the past and almost as much fun as when I first played them when I was younger. Then it finally came to me that I wanted more! So these last few days and nights have been completely dedicated to researching for the very best source ports and mods available for those two titles; notably DOOM II.

Self teaching my way threw the ins and outs of where to find these resources and how to apply them with the original applications have been somewhat strenuous but I now believe my diligence has paid off. I’ve put together what I see to be a super sweet setup! Now what I really need is some volunteers to try playing on a hosted server of mine. There are a few hoops to jump threw to get ourselves going but I can follow up later with a detailed post explaining everything on getting started.

Below is the link to this topics excitement. Now if we can only make it multiplayer! Check 'em out in HD.

Hmm, just downloaded this, and I’m quite impressed. There are a couple of issues that drive me a little nuts (notably, walking through water), but I haven’t bothered to test whether that was with Brutal Doom or GZDoom.

I haven’t exactly been practising good time management lately, but I might be available to play a few rounds. Just a heads up, though: I suck-diddily-uck.

Which game and for what level? Also, from where did you obtain your IWAD files?

Doom 2, level 2, using GZDoom. My IWADs are oooooold, taken from my archive of CD backups. I have no idea where it originally came from.

My issue is that the game is spazzing out with splashing effects. It’s over the top.

The v1.9 patch was released by id Software in '95 and it may be missing from your file. I will send you a link to my personal IWAD file for DOOM II. Be sure to check that you are also using the newest GZDoom 1.8.6 version.