Beta Feedback Thread


Hmm but then you run the risk of people not moving anywhere and just farming for no reason. Instead of completing objectives.
Right now you are motivated to do so at least slightly.
I worry we got too comfortable to previous state.

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Really like the slight buff to missile launch speed. Feels like I can actually use them and hit people with them now.

The hud, we could really use an adjustable HUD. If in no other way then just changing colors to be more readable still. Do you plan on letting modders / creators make HUD packs to allow anyone to change the way information displays? Or do you plan on having everyone using the same templates that you guys create?

Moving onto bombers. I feel like they need to have their default load out changed for the time being until we can edit them ourselves. Right now the missiles, even as a barrage of 6 is far to weak to do anything against bigger targets. It might knock out a corvette’s shields. But other then that? a few interceptors or other bombers are all it can hope to actually kill. Instead of 6 missiles, why not 4 torpedo or something that can actually hurt bigger ships. If the point of the bomber is to be a somewhat mobile anti-capital weapon platform.

Stations and other hard points are still far to easy to ‘kill’ As shown on the stream. Hutch by himself can destroy multiple capital launch bays with a single bomber. They need to be increased in HP / given some timer to regenerate if the entire station/factory isn’t lost in the attack. As it stands, a single player acting alone by themselves can easily cripple the enemy infrastructure if he wanted to. Considering how long it takes for someone to figure out it’s happening, let alone orient themselves in a manner to deal with it.

Otherwise, besides me wanting to get some dmg numbers to see how many bombers would be needed to realistically take out a capital ship. . . I really like this latest patch. (Ramming ship when?)

  • Hitting ESC in login screen (the one with a planet in the background and “press any key to continue”) escapes the game
  • Where can I get my current credits during combat and in spawning? I’d like to know whether I can afford a replacement for a ship before spending the credits, or whether I can afford an upgrade. Switching HUD mode is not an option, the TAB menu is the perfect place IMO.
  • External view for capitals: orientation is lost when switching views, aiming is off with external view. The camera offset works well (not so much for screenshooting). I’d like to be able to zoom out more.
  • Already destroyed capital defence turrets show up in the distance but disappear up close
  • Not fond of the new crosshair. I’d prefer an equilateral triangle personally.

More general observations:

  • Is there any reason to spawn at a landbase? I only do when one is under attack.
  • Weapons management is a nightmare. Most of the tedium would be solved with 4 groups (auto-aim blasters, auto-aim guns, manual aim blasters, manual aim guns). Or make auto-aim ones auto-fire too.
  • Edit: I have been able to play under the callsign of Cinder, Myron Stn and NPC_42. Is that ok?

Edit 2: Supply base destruction has an [N/A] in the notification.
There is currently a second star in the system: Aresthia.


Is it normal that on the cruiser (I think), max target speed (THR) is set to 500 but it won’t accelerate beyond 200m/s?


I think there’s a few old tooltips scattered around from before the acceleration changes. I spotted the same thing with a warp error message saying I had to be flying at 500m/s to enter warp. Was true, but now it’s 250m/s


Indeed, I noticed the warp threshold inconsistency, but this seems to be another issue. 500m/s is the target speed set with ‘0’, if it is beyond the soft limit the scale of the ‘1’-‘0’ speed buttons should be changed.


I"ve been conflicted about that. Either we could interpret the numbers as being a throttle percentage. Either as a speed.

The problem with the percentage is that it suddenly becomes inconsistent between ships. If I press “4” in the interceptor I won’t be flying at the same speed than a “4” in the corvette. When players are trying to stay in formation, it makes it easier to synchronize with each other ( Dan’s been doing that for a while in his steams ).

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I should test it again but I got the feeling it is already inconsistent (a bad thing IMO). Maybe I am confusing with the target speed to reach the warp threshold?


you’re controlling different ships with different characteristics of course it won’t perfectly match up. of course there will be inconsistencies in handling and throttle. or did you except the cruiser to achieve the same speed in 5 seconds as the interceptor? or to achieve the warp threshold at the same speeds?



I will re-explain myself: I got the feeling (not yet re-tested ingame) that target speed buttons don’t set the same speed on all ships. If it is the case, target speeds are already inconsistent and each step should be adjusted to match the available scale (0-200 instead of 0-500) IMO.
If, however, my impression comes from the warp threshold changes (which makes it so that, instead of reaching warp threshold at the same speed, all ship classes do it in the same time BTW), then it makes sense to keep it in this state, but there should be some feedback that the target speed cannot be reached automatically.

Could it be possible to have a toggle fire on capships, taking into account primary/secondary fire?
Like so:

  • click on primary fire to activate guns continuous fire
  • click on secondary to switch to blasters continuous fire
  • click on secondary to stop all fire.

I believe the difference is mostly from Normal ships (Interceptor bomber ect) to Capitals. Because every capital I set a speed in, they seem to stall at 150m/s near or around. Meanwhile the fighter sized ships will follow my instructions properly.

So to say, yes. There is a difference in speed when setting a target autopilot speed. But I think that’s more of a bug then anything intended.


Not sure if this is a known bug - pressing F4 after dying (while viewing killcam) seems to crash the game immediately.

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Yeah, it’ll be fixed in the next patch.


Right, here’s some random ramble. I played a bit last night (before the previous post), so none of this is particularly fresh in my mind.

Before this, I only played once or twice during beta weekends, and I had absolutely no idea what was happening or what I was supposed to do. I sort of still don’t, but I did manage to make a little more sense out of stuff through trial and error, and had quite a bit of fun! So here’s what I think is missing:

First and foremost: a beginner’s guide or a tutorial. I think an active member of the community would be better suited to make one, rather than the devs. Some of what should be covered:

  • Basic controls for exploration and getting from place to place - how to fly, how to boost, how to warp. The different control schemes as well. How to read the relevant parts of the HUD, namely speed, target speed and the like.
  • How to find and reach a battle.
  • Basic controls for combat - how to target, auto assist & different formation options (I still didn’t figure those out entirely), how to fire the guns (LMB and RMB), how to fire missiles (first how to lock on, then Right Ctrl). Cover the combat-related HUD elements, like the ammo counters and the gun heat gauge.

Just those should be enough for people to jump in and have fun with some combat. You might think this is covered by the in-game help screen (F9), but trust me as a recent noob - it’s not.
Some more things that should be covered for those who want a deeper understanding of the game mechanics:

  • How money works.
  • Combat mechanics - how the damage system works, how much damage each weapon does. How to get more missiles (if there even is a way).
  • Different parts of the menus (comms, overcharge, etc).
  • Different types of ships (personally I only played with the interceptor so far, I’m sure other ships play way differently)
  • Battle mechanics - what’s the goal of the attackers in any particular battle, what’s the goal of the defenders.

If a guide like this already exists, I couldn’t find it. Make it prominent. Pin it. Link to it from the website/FAQ. Make the beta accessible to new players.

The other thing that’s missing is actually closely related - better indication of what to do. The bottom-left tells you something like “join the battle at X”, but doesn’t seem to give you any meaningful way of how the hell to get there.


Pinning this might be a good idea until a proper ingame tutorial is implemented:


Hey thanks, it’s nice to get feedback from beginners on where they struggle / lack information. However, keep in mind we’re still iterating on a lot of game systems, so any tutorial or help is likely to get invalidated by the time the game releases. We’ll eventually add a tutorial in game too. Meanwhile I’ll pin Playbenni’s thread.


You’re right on this point. I’ve been in this for ages now and still struggle to locate stations. It would help if it told us which planet the base/station was at.

This should be improved once we get a proper map. There will be extra objectives added at some point too.

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Unrelated: We need an HUD indicator to no what we have overcharged.

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Um, lol, my mistake.

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Then again… Maybe it is disabled in warp?


Edit: These flat weapon effects are not very visible when the camera is near their direction of travel. It is mostly an issue when being shot at by station turrets.

Edit 2: capitals are too sensitive to bumping, with effects varying from throwing off aim to temporarily losing control of the ship.