Battlescape Sound Mod (for Battlescape


Justin Cartwright​: Really hope they do something with the lackluster sound effects in this game. The weapon sounds are anemic…
— YouTube comment on last Livestream

I heed the call.

The Mod contains XML Battlescape config and around 40 new Wav audio files. It is only compatible with Infinity: Battlescape File link:


  • Already available Sound files are also used by defining them within XML files
  • Added Pitch variations to most sounds
  • Added ambient sounds to lava for Cinder and ice cracks for Semnoz as wind grids
  • Added Dirt and Shield impact sounds
  • Added looping sounds to Reactor and Pipe planetary structures


  1. Backup the original Config directory somewhere
  2. Unarchive the zip file in the Dev folder, which by default is located in the following address: C:\Program Files\I-Novae Studios\Battlescape\Dev\

Fast uninstallation:

  1. Delete the Dev/Config directory
  2. Copy the backed up Config directory and paste in Dev/
  3. Optionally you may delete the /Dev/Sounds/Mod directory

Failsafe uninstallation:
1. Uninstall Battlescape
2. Install Battlescape

License: Personal Use Only with the exception of uploaded gameplay videos


That’s pretty cool, thanks for sharing. Some of the changes I really like ( the ice crackling sound… although you had to use the wind trick to make it work, I’ll have to add surface sounds at some point ). The impact sounds are also working nicely. Some sounds do not work as well. For example the explosions. It’s mostly due to the fact that we spawn a bunch of explosion special effects all at once, which cause a lot of audio sounds to get played around the same time and saturates the audio. I’ve already noticed that issue myself with some of Kristian’s improved audio effects, which were never integrated into a patch for the same reason.

The environmental sounds for installations is a good idea, hopefully we can add some to many other modules in the future too ( ex.: shield generators, civilian buildings, etc… ).

Warning: also note that you had to mod gameplay-related config files which means this mod is only compatible with As soon as the next patch is up, it’ll be invalidated.


Just a reminder that as the Beta Weekend update looms, remember to uninstall this mod as it is highly likely that it will corrupt the update, making you take the failsafe route (eg. redownload Battlescape).