Battlescape on Oculus Rift?


as long as theres a fully featured keybinding menu the defaults are just about intuitiveness. i dont mind having lots of extra features most people wont use like shield incrementation, gives room for experimentation and adds to the feeling it’s a real ship.

You dont need to remove features to make the default scheme less daunting, thats possibly one of the worst reactions to have as a designer.


I think you underestimate the importance of VR. It looks like it will revolutionize gaming as we know it.
I invested countless ours into elite dangerous playing with the dk2. The game itself lacks content and would be pretty boring. VR makes me feel like a spaceship pilot though and that never gets old!
I bought a x-55 hotas for this wich eliminates any control issues.
I think VR should at least be a a stretch goal sice this game is predestined for a grest vr experience.
It would suck to play it on flat displays.


I consider virtual reality to be as big as the internet itself, but it’s important to realize that it’s not here yet. We’re still in the very early days, and I-Novae Studios can’t leverage virtual reality in any significant way because so few people have VR gear.

If I-Novae Studios wanted it as a stretch goal, they’d really have to get folks excited about virtual reality for Infinity:Battescape. That is, 360 videos on YouTube, sessions using the game with VR gear, and so on. Without that tie, backers would have to find their own inspiration to contribute extra to reach the stretch goal, and also pay for virtual reality hardware. INS would have to make people think of VR when they think of I:B, and vice-versa.

I think that INS’s best way to pursue funding related to VR is to go to Facebook and other companies interested in pushing VR to ask for funds so that they can make an awesome VR experience. Imagine just wandering through a solar system at will with VR gear on. No ship, no HUD, nothing but a realistic procedural galaxy (as opposed to No Man’s Sky’s galaxy).

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I’m inclined to agree. It’s far too expensive for us to pursue atm and we’d have to have quite a successful KS to justify the expense of (properly) supporting it.


We’d like to eventually do it, but there won’t be any stretch goal in the KS for it.

It’s simply too much of a high-risk / low-reward for us at the moment. If we put it into the stretch goals, then we’re comitting to doing it. And there’s simply too much unknowns for it to be a low risk.

The engine already works on the Occulus Rift; it was the easy part.

What’s a real problem is performance. Can we sustain 60 fps for both eyes ? Remember we’re rendering entire procedural planets with some pretty complex shaders. Some of our shaders easily exceed the 10K asm instructions. So getting that to run at 60 fps in 1080p ( without VR ) is already going to be a challenge. Doing that for two eyes… yeah, I have absolutely no idea if we can achieve that.

Then there are all the controls, HUD/interface problems, etc…

It’s a massive amount of work and the number of people who would be able to make it run would probably be pretty low…


Yup, performance on that level is something even the really mature engines struggle with. Occulus have repeatedly stated that they actually consider 90 FPS, instead of the typical 60 for a monitor, the goal to reach in order to prevent uneasyness and VR-sickness caused by display delays. That is 90 FPS for both eyes, AND with a high level of consistency - when most games that are designed for 60 FPS will have that as an average, with significant temporary drops. Affordable current gen hardware can not deliver those high stable FPS at the required resolutions and with the visual detail of AAA games. For current gen VR, this means either super high end rig, lower details, or lower performance.


That would probably not be possible in parallel to the development of I:B, but the idea sounds pretty interesting as a second project. If you find companies that are interested, you could get paid to improve and advertise your engine.
But would Facebook&cie really be interested?


Here are a couple links to articles about Oculus’s $10 million indie campaign.


So Facebook is interested, but the window may be closing within the next 12 months. I have no idea if other VR hardware makers are pursuing similar programs.


You have no idea how great news you have released.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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By the way, here are the recommended requirements for the Consumer version of the Rift:

  • NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
  • Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
  • 8GB+ RAM
  • HDMI 1.3 video output supporting a 297MHz clock via a direct output
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports
  • Windows 7 SP1 or newer

Source -


That’s pretty hefty hehe.


Considering this thread just got necro’d, I’ll throw down my opinion:

While space games in general make for great VR, I don’t think I:B should have VR support from the get go. The tech will still be too new and not widely distributed enough and most PC’s just don’t have the necessary performance yet.
Further down the line I really can imagine a large fraction of I:B players using VR just because of how awesome cockpit games apparently are in it. I don’t see the point in implementing it before release though.


The problem is that VR games are much better if VR was planned from early stages than added as an afterthought. It can have a big effect on UI design and gameplay mechanics.


I haven’t played any games with VR, so can someone explain what kind of ui differences are needed and why? Doesn’t the standard HUD you see in most games with a first person perspective work?


The team is already working with a shoe strong budget. Why are people so determined to have them implement such a resource heavy feature when the game itself doesn’t have any of the current stretch goals unlocked?

I get it, you want vr support. I backed Fove, I’d love it too. The face of the matter is that AAA haven’t gotten it perfect yet, and you want a team that is considerably smaller to delve into it?


It depends heavily on what kind of game it is. A first person game where you walk around and interact with stuff has to be made for VR from the ground up. At the same time however, many games that weren’t made for VR translate into it very easily. These are mainly cockpit oriented things like racing and flight sims. Asetto Corsa, DCS and FSX spring to mind. Infinity should in theory work as well, though you might have to avoid spinning your interceptor around too much.


I am slightly surprised that the HTC vive hasn’t been mentioned, it looks like it would be rather good.
Full VR support of battlescape would be absolutely amazing however the amount of work that needs to go into making a game work in VR is fairly large so it might not be the best idea for a team with limited resources. Not just from a technical standpoint but from a design view as there are some things that don’t work well in VR that does in normal games. Building a game for VR can require designing things like the interface specifically for VR.

If it was a game that would be viewed by looking at a flat screen, a HUD could just be placed on top of the game. However with VR you are actually seeing in 3D. To build an interface in VR you have to be aware that it will be viewed in 3D even if it is not a 3D interface. You have to work out where it would be in the game world relative to the viewpoint of the player and make sure it works well. I think. It was a while ago when I watched a video on making interfaces for VR so I may have missed something.
Some games have done this by actually building the interface into the game itself which looked quite good and seems to work ok. If I remember correctly there are other issues with VR such as potentially limited resolution making text hard to read and the fact that the human eye might focus more on the center of the screen and miss things to the sides.


The price is about 750 euros for Europeans. Lol. This thing is not going to take off.
So dissappointing. What are your thoughts? I would never spend more than 500 euros for this.


I’ll wait for some mass-produced model that retails for $100, if that ever happens.

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It says 600 USD (560 EUR - jesus what happened with exchange rate…) on their website at the moment (preorder). Still I would rather have it a bit cheaper without gamepad or bundled games. Maybe they will add some options in the future.