Battlescape goals!

I supported this game not reading what is all about, screenshots and prototype video was enough for me.
So finally today i went to read and inform about it. And i really liked it. There were things i wanted to suggest and i saw they are already planned, like modding tools with offline mode.
Sad part is there are only 300+backers, seems ppl dont realise potential of this game and it’s engine.
I see space Arma3 in it, star system with landable planets and proper editor and modding tools could mean endless fun.
After release when game wins market i hope development will continue toward end goals and beyond.
As i said having space Arma with detailed star system and powerfull editor with workshop is dream come true, i believe community would create great missions,addons,mods and campaigns while I-novae devs feeding us with good dlc’s.
Bohemia interactive did it and it turned as big success.
being backer with sticker on our ships will be privilege! i see birth of AAA studio.
Could this engine support legs one day?

I’m assuming you’ve got that number by looking at the IndieGoGo page.
The main campaign (on Kickstarter) had 5,828 backers.

A lot of people share your excitement about the potential of the engine and hopefully it will be the success you describe.


@hroberson huh great!
i dont know are you familiar with arma but i hope IB will do the same cos engine capabilities looks amaizing.
focusing on one star system and filling it with details, implementing FPS one day and giving us editor and tools is granted success in my opinion!
Thanks for reply, only good news around here!

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and yeah i sound like happy kid, cos i’m.
Not kid, just happy!



Yeah i know!
I wanted to create one for Elite (ship with legs) back then when i was playing it.
Make them hairy!

Call it the “Legumes” patch…

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