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I really gotta watch Gravity sometime. I mean, from what I've heard, taking off the helmet of the thermally regulated suit with an internal airsupply seems like a perfectly reasonable reaction to a fire, compared to some of the other things going on in that film.


Nah, it's not that bad.
There are a few inaccuracies here and there (like, y'know, Hubble and the ISS being on about the same orbit), though nothing a layman would get, I'd say - which is far, far better than anything I've ever seen since 2001 (both the movie and the year), science-wise.
And as a movie, it's a pretty good thriller. Someone finally understood that space is a strange and deadly place as it is, and that you don't need to turn it into a sky ocean to make it interesting. The Universe do seem to have a mild grudge against her, though.
Also, watch it in a theater with 3D if you can, and that's the very first movie I feel it brings something. I've read an astronaut commenting that yeah, it looked pretty much like that up there. Apart from the fact that you aren't that often over a landmass and that EVAers actually wear diapers under their suit.

What I can't get is, why is it labelled as science-fiction? Apart from the usual level of inaccuracies you can expect from a thriller, it pretty much uses current tech.
Unless it is because they use the now-retired Shuttle?

Making an entire commercial game, this must be one of the most elaborate April fool's jokes ever.

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I'll try not to get my hopes up? :stuck_out_tongue:

The bit I'd heard about was how to get back to Earth involving pointing your nose towards it and turning on the engines.. and the place I heard it was on a youtube channel specializing in KSP. Guess long-time viewers probably don't entirely qualify as laymen in orbital mechanics.


Tiny dog vs big dog.


Neater a dog or a cat video! Oeps interview blooper hahaha
Not my titel, there's.

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THAT was funny.


Good reactions, insufficient grip.


I guess they have real ones in the UK wink
Dennis the 'cat burglar' from Luton


I still am kicking innocent children because you wrote "Awesomes of the Internets" rather than "Awesome stuff on the web"

I will never stop.

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So narrow-minded! What if someone wanted to post plural awesomeness from another internet?

Well, to be entirely honest I'd probably join you with a box of puppies had the context been different, but on the internets awesomes is grammatically correct because ultimately use is what defines a language. Even if the use seems to be dictated by a need to sound increasingly dimwitted (I mean, we've gone from "all your base" to "can haz cheezeburger" to "doge doge kappa" in, what, 12 years?).

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That is a respectable post you've made. Good jorb


... Why are you kicking innocent children?

Also, it was Awesomes on the old forum. Call it nostalgia.


Indi, your butt dance should have been placed here.


Harry Potter VS Star Wars

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That was interesting to watch.

Kinda spooky, too.


Those videos took my fear of giant celestial bodies ...

kinda ...

not actually ...


funny political comics

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Earth rise as seen from The Moon.!.html


Harry Potter vs Star Wars