Art Challenges for Infinity Fan Art (Challenge 4 - An Infinity Short Story - Ended! - Winner: ThornEel!)

My recent progress. Still a lot to be done.


Are you going to overpaint the models?

Here is a quick change.


I’m actually getting a civilian ship vibe from this :smiley: Maybe it’s those large windowed bridge areas.

How long is it by the way? I measured my ship to be somewhere below 500m.

P.S. Looking awesome!

Thanks for the feedback. This one is 455M long and 335M wide wingspan.

Tzedakah Class Destroyer

A couple of side views. Almost ready to try and take on the bottom.


Ah this brings back memories. Great initiative Lucas

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How’s everyone doing with their concepts? The second deadline approaches. :wink:

My weeks have been unexpectedly busy with study and family stuff. I only have time this Sunday evening, so that’s going to be one long session.


You might get something in for the competition :smiley:

Umm, guess I’ve been out of touch for awhile, so I’m gonna go with…no.

I’m just gonna call mine a perpetual work in progress and I’ll throw it out there if I make enough headway to merit public criticism (doesn’t meet my aesthetic standards yet). Plus I’m a modeling noob so there’s that.

Getting close on the bottom. Got one more Turret to develop tomorrow for it.


Looking forward to it. :smiley: Shall we end the competition after tomorrow then?

Allright. So I almost decided to not make any new drawing because I just came home and didn’t feel like I’d have enough time, but then decided to try one more sketch using this one as underlayer:

I’m quite happy with the result :smile:

Yes there are some perspective issues :stuck_out_tongue:

Tomorrow I can scan it in and upload a cleaner picture and in higher definition. I’m also very tempted to edit it in PhotoShop and add color etc., and I should add more views, but I really don’t have time until next week. So I’ll consider just this linedrawing to be my final entry.

I suddenly noticed a GIF made by Google Plus based on a picture I made earlier :smiley: If you click on it you can see the animation:


Great looking new detail there :smiley:

Sounds like a good idea Lucas.

Only got these little guys done today. Well there good enough I suppose.


Great :smiley: Any final render images? And we will also wait for Wybo to post his final scanned images.

After that… the vote begins.

OK so here’s my final entry:

I couldn’t resist PhotoShopping it :wink: I’m still not sure about the color scheme.

I think it would be good if all contestants supplied 1 image to be shown in the opening post.


Fantastic :smiley: Ok I guess we will close the competition now.

Challenge 1 - Centaurus Destroyer - Voting Opened

The voting is now open. Everyone in the forums can participate.


1. Wybo with his Deimos Class Destroyer
2. UniversalPainKiller with his Tzedakah Class Destroyer
3. LucasFIN with his Eternal Harmony Class Destroyer

It’s one vote per forum member. Make a post where you give the name of the contestant/ship you vote and a brief explanation why you ended up choosing that particular concept. Some words for those you didn’t choose will also be appreciated. Even criticism is appreciated since we are artists who are constantly striving to better ourselves :wink:

Voting will close next Sunday (21st of December).