Are you planning to upgrade your Kickstarter pledge?

Just so we can get an idea of whether people are planning to increase the amount they have pledged. You don’t have to share how much (ofc personal financial situations are private), though it might help reveal a trend.

Hopefully, someone smarter than me can begin to predict how this might influence the boost Kickstarters usually receive at the end of the campaign! Also feel free to post here if you haven’t pledged yet, but are planning to.

For myself, I may well upgrade from $75 to $250.

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I’m at $250, and if the KS has not been funded by the time there is 24h left, I will double my pledge. But I’m very much hoping not to have to do so!

EDIT: Also, would really like (practically expect) a second digital copy of the game at this tier.


At $75 now, though that’s my limit :confused: beggars can’t be choosers


At 100 now, considering going to 250 if needed when nearing the end.


There is already a thread for this … posted my view on that there couple of days ago:


Lol, how did I miss that? I should demote myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: though it did seem to derail into a discussion about the value of the tiers. It would be nice to have a thread of pure data.

I upped from 75 to 250.
Thats as high as I can go.

Its simple actually. Im gonna fly around those planets and not going to wait until 2017.
Internal builds, here we come.


I already did twice, I went from 100 to 150, and now i’m on the 250 pledge tier.
I can’t go any higher than this.


I’ve already pledged as high as I can; by the time I have more free cash, the KS will be over.

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Well, if it succeeds, there are always post-Kickstarter goals to save for!

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Exactly my thought process.

I can’t afford to up my pledge, and the rewards for that tier don’t really justify putting myself through financial hardship for the remainder of the month for. The story might have been different had the KS launched at the beginning of last month rather than the end of it, but oh well…

I’m going to a friend’s house and will get the basic game for a x-mass present.

Just joined but really impressed with this project. I’m thinking of raising my pledge…kinda depends on how well my funds flow the next few days of course :sunglasses: .

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I’m thinking of doubling my pledge to 500. Really want the kickstarter to hit some of the stretchgoals.

I will likely up to 250 near the end.

As soon as I find a receiver for my kidney I will upgrade my pledge from 250 to USD500.

That can be arranged, what is your blood type? :scream:

A 2500$ pledger downgrade to 0$…

Yes what the hell… ?