Are you planning to up your pledge at some point of the campaign?

Up Your Pledge?

So has anyone planned to up their pledge later in the campaign if the need arises? And if so, at what point of the campaign will you do it?

If it’s true that a big part of the pledges at this point are from loyal fans (active or lurkers) then we could have a gigantic effect if we upped our pledges collectively :slight_smile:

CURRENT           1 UP           INCREASE

20       ->       25             5
25       ->       35             10
35       ->       55             20
55       ->       85             30
85       ->       100            10
100      ->       150            50
150      ->       250            100
250      ->       500            250
500      ->       2500*          2000!
2500     ->       10000**        7500!!

* = I will salute your statue every morning until the end of time!
** = You are mad!!

I may. But only if it’s reeeeeaaaallly needed.

Like to make a stretch goal. :slight_smile:

This is something for the end of the campaign tough.


Please, my wallet is empty. Have mercy! :wink:


I am literally sacrificing food, and planning on eating nothing but potatoes for 3 weeks just to afford alpha access.


If it’s looking really tight I’ll consider adding a bit to the pledge, but not to another tier. The US - AUD exchange rate is already going to murder my account.

Pretty much pushing the limits of what’s reasonable for me to pledge as it is. And November is already looking to be an expensive month…

Oh god Fallout 4 is in 2.5 weeks :tired_face:

I’ve been putting monies aside since summer just to be able to afford dev tier…I don’t think it’s possible for me but we’ll see how little I can spend this month and see if I can’t add more at the end(if needed).

It has been something I’ve pointed out much earlier in the dedicated post about kickstarter’s stretch goal.

There’s nothing between 500$ and 2k5$.

While I don’t mind investing this much for a game that’s worthwhile, I’d rather invest the “next step” money into a much needed new bed (although the thought of having my statue saluted by Lucas every damn morning is to be considered :stuck_out_tongue: )


… Um, that’s me… :sleepy:


Added another question in the OP:

If you are going to up the pledge, at what point of the campaign will you do it?

You can donate ketchup packets to Kichae at any time, preferrably filled with Ketchup. Starving journalists have to eat you know.

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The true Martian :open_mouth:


I went all in on my initial pledge. Just going to have to rely on others.

I could up my pledge if I get a job (job interview this friday), if not I’m kinda forced to stay where I’m at.

On a serious note, I think its important that people stay grounded in reality. I don’t think INS wants anyone to starve or get into debt over the game. Just pledge what you can spare and think the game deserves from your money, and lets see how it goes. We still have a lot of time left.


Indeed. The title says (if possible) after all :slight_smile:

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Wringing out as much as you can from your core base is not the way to go. This MULTIPLAYER game needs people to be successful in the Kickstarter and after release.


My plan is to double up on my pledge in around a couple of weeks time although, I don’t know what I’d want with a statue. At the rate of current daily pledges, I kinda dread that we’ll miss the goal by only a few thousand dollars :tired_face:

May do but if it starts getting silly like Star Citizen then i may think twice…