An update on the status of the Kickstarter

It’s been a while but here’s a new blog post:


Neat :open_mouth: Can’t wait to see it. If you need help with twitch and stuff let me know.

Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! :smiley:

Today is a good day.


Make sure the video starts off strong, with lots of exiting gameplay footage packed in the first few minutes, because you don’t want to lose new people out of boredom. People really need to go “oh cool spaceships!” within 10 seconds.


Here are some high points from the blog:

  1. “We are trying to release [the Kickstarter] this year”
  2. June filming of live portion of Kickstarter video in Europe. About 10 minutes long.
  3. No interactive demo prior to Kickstarter
  4. Live Twitch demo of the game by @INovaeFlavien during the Kickstarter

Good luck with the remainder of the preparations for the Kickstarter.


great news Keith!!

sorry for the double reply, but also, if Flavien needs someone to shoot at during the demo video, im totally available.

As others say, you better have the first ~3 minutes as the trailer. Afterwards perhaps have parts of the 2010 demo playing in the background while talking, as it is still impressive to this day.


A date from @INovaeKeith!

Thanks for the update, can’t wait to see how any posts we’ll produce when you give us those rewards to argue about. :smile:

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Thanks for the update!

I’m intrigued to see what you have in store for the rest of the ramp-up to the Kickstarter campaign!

I’m happy the video is going to be ~10 mins… Lots of time for lots of juicy information and time for you two to convey your enthusiasm and personalities.

A significant factor in my pledging to Elite was David Braben’s enthusiasm and personality. I liked that he got visibly excited and conveyed that this was a project he was passionate about, not just a means to pay the bills.
I hope we see that enthusiasm and real-ness from you guys.

People are commenting on the need to get viewers interested in the first 30 seconds but I have no doubt you guys have given this significant thought so I’m just going to present the flip side:.
It’s true a lot of people have short attention spans for online stuff, but once you’ve got them interested they want to make an informed decision about their online purchases. Giving them as much relevant information about you and your plan for Battlescape as possible enables them to do that.

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A couple more juicy infos:

  • the video is split in two parts, first the in-game “cinematic” video, which is currently a bit on the long size ( 4 mins ), followed by 2-3 mins of interview with Keith & I ( not recorded yet so it’s only an estimation ). Add another minute of padding, splash screens, misc. stuff… personalliy I don’t think it’ll reach 10 mins total, 7-8’ is my own estimation, but we’ll see.

  • the in-game cinematic video starts relatively slowly and ends crazy. We tried to establish a certain mood and to end it with an epic feeling. So no, there won’t be ships shooting at each other in the first 10 seconds. But the wait will definitely be worth it.

  • the low-reward tiers ( less than 100$ ) have pretty much been figured out, but we’re still working on the higher reward tiers - preferably digital only - We have our own list of course, but if anybody has cool ideas for pledge levels > $100, feel free to mention it in this thread.


Just remember, if you offer a desk model of a ship covered in little lights, people will be disappointed with it.


How about some of the below:

  • Unique skins otherwise not available (missiles / lasers / ships / …)
  • Name (or pseudonym) in credits
  • Unique logo in tchat
  • Possibility to have a unique launch screen
  • Will there be in-game fixed location names ? If yes, allow the big backers to (almost) freely name one of them.
  • Name some of the future type ships ? Say the “centaurus bombarder” is the Hercules, while the “SFC bombarder” is the Sweeper. Though if I remember correctly from this thread, it should only be for big backers. Or maybe make a list of propositions and the backers get to vote. Though it might get incoherent with the lore … Tough choice ^^
  • For next dev’s live twitch or interview, backers get priority for question(s ?) asked

This is a slightly hard exercise, even more if you want something uncommon, or not that much generic. Depends what the shipped content will be, also, i guess :slight_smile:

There was some good discussion about pledge tiers in this thread:

Yeah, we already have most of those. But here we’re talking of the upper tiers. From many hundred $$, to many thousand $$.

We can’t make a “meet the team + diner” thing since we have no physical office. Names, skins, etc… are for lower tiers. Remains custom ships ( “we’ll design a personalized ship with you” ), but the development cost of developping a ship from scratch ( concept, model, texturing etc… ) at pro quality is in the order of tens of thousands of $. So it’s a bit complicated.

I would be happy with naming a Ship or Station for 200-600$ + All Above(isch).

Maybe custom drone/missile design/texture?
Decal designs everyone cut put on the ships?
Company Logo/Name?
Fictiv Charater?
Have ones charakter be significant to the lore?

“We are trying to release [the Kickstarter] this year”

  • Skype conference call with the devs
  • Limited run signed prints of art work (I know you said preferably digital)
  • As Lomsor said, have a character/ship/something named after you (subject to artistic limitations)

How about access to the engine for the higher tiers?

Some suggestions:

  • Access to the MOD portion of the engine, with no support
  • Access to the engine with no source at some point
  • Immediate access to the engine and nightly builds
  • Permission to build and release a game at any point without royalties using the engine