Alpha playtest timeframe

As the title states i am looking for what weekend you guys plan on doing the beta playtest so i know when to upgrade my account :smiley:

No word of when as of yet. Just keep on lurking the forums.

Still quite a while to go before Beta comes around. Alpha stage hopefully will be earlier this year.

Weโ€™re working on releasing a new patch this weekend and if that goes smoothly the free Alpha playtest will be within 2 weekends of that.


So, at some point before August then. :wink:

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Looking forward to the patch! Is the new corvette geometry included, or just the netcode?

I think its new and improved art assets and no new netcode.

The new netcode would in fact need to be implemented and tested before a free Alpha playtest could be given. With that said, the next patch may or may not contain any updated networking. Take that as you wish.

No, the free alpha test will not contain the new netcode.

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