A question about the missile video

There’s something I’m confused about in the missile video. If the missiles are constantly thrusting and Battlescape uses Newtonian physics, shouldn’t they be constantly accelerating? Sorry if this seems nitpicky, I just want to clear things up.

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While we are on it, why is there missile exhaust smoke?

Just for reference:

although i agree.
I can already hear those kids… :unamused:
They need funding so i guess we are going to see some compromises.
When the game is out, modding could be the way to fix such a thing.

The missiles start at a constant velocity (500/ms relative to parent) and continuously accelerate toward the target position, but it’s not very apparent in the video.
They have a thick smoke trail, because in our KS trailer you need to see the motion from a long distance away (also see: https://youtu.be/fBgjS_xQWXM?t=29).
What I want for the final game: No trails except in atmosphere, and when the missile is actually burning fuel. A movement of a missile (or a ship, or any moving object) can be better visualized by drawing lines on the HUD. A trail like that can be turned off, used to convey other information (IFF) and does not require and object to fire thrusters.


Surely the KS trailer should be as representative as possible of what you’re aiming to produce in the game?


We’re getting to the point where a lot of stuff is going to have to just be “good enough”.

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Good enough in this case seems to be better then most folk’s best work.


ehehe, I like the video that you used for reference wink wink facebook

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My comment was in response to this:

So the difference is a result of an artistic decision to have something in the video that won’t be in the game. That’s rather different from just getting something “good enough” isn’t it?

Everyone’s going to be picking the KS trailer apart with a microscope. People are going to assume it represents the technical and artistic direction that you are headed, including comically persistent cloudy exhaust trails.

Obviously there is plenty that is actively being worked on and the video will contain placeholder stuff and it’ll have to just be “good enough” as you said. But surely it should all be headed in the same direction and the aesthetic should be consistent?

There was no real artistic decision, Kimmo is a coder initially implementing placeholder missiles.

Yes, once the art team does a pass on all the effects.

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