A letter to the community

Well, it’s been a long road but here we are. In a little under 7 hours I’m going to press the button that launches our Kickstarter campaign and in that moment nothing will ever be the same again. I can’t tell you all how proud I am of the I-Novae team. Nine people across five different countries, most of whom have still never met each other, came together to create an experience that, even in its unfinished state, is truly magical.

I can’t tell you how grateful the team and I are for all of you - our community. Every day we’re both humbled and amazed by how many of you have stuck with us without losing hope. To those of you who took a brief hiatus - welcome home. It’s the community that has kept this dream alive, kept us moving forward no matter the cost. Thank you, each and every one of you.

Looking toward the future we’re going to be seeing a lot of new faces around here. It’s important that we all welcome them with open arms. They’re going to have questions, likely a lot of the same questions, and that’s ok.

While this Kickstarter represents the culmination of a tremendous effort we recognize that its success will be just the beginning. There’s a lot of work to be done but it’s a journey we can’t wait to begin - with all of you.



I hope you are sleeping. It will be hectic enough shortly. Best of luck. 8o

1:27 AM and I’m still working on KS stuff :smile:


Having worked in an industry where quality often matters more than the amount of time taken to produce said object… I feel for you, and everyone else working on the infinity game engine and eventually infinity battlescape game. People expect their [special feature] that would take “almost no amount of effort” to implement, when really they are asking for days and days of effort.

Having worked as a machinist for 10 years now, it is much easier for me to see quality whenever I come across it. I, as a (hopefully) future consumer of infinity battlescape, applaud I-Novae for continuing to take their time with making a correctly designed product.

It is because of this that I stick around. I really wish the best for all involved.


Took a celebratory shot now since I won’t be able to in the morning(Unless it’s with Hutch, exceptions can be made!).

It’s been a long ride.

Cheers Inovae! Good luck!


If you moved to Hawaii it would be latter. :wink:

To the entire I novae team - God speed and take my money!


no, thank you! your perseverance is an inspiration


5 years waiting for me, and it will happen soon. good luck!

This is it!

Will be sad though when I have to start not reading every post ever because it will just get to be too much. :cry:


Looking forward to sipping coffee and checking out the kickstarter in about 6 hours.

Good luck!

Удачи парни! // Good luck!

Good luck ! Just to say : last days I was on twitch on a star citizen live session with hundreds of viewers, and I spoke about Inovae. The twitcher ask me a link and I gave him a link to the video of the volcanic moon flyover, and he launched it… we were nearly 200 people watchin it simultanously… his vocabulary reduced to “omg, crazy, Amazing, etc” and the same words were popping on the chat… all of this to say : I think you can be confident for the KS :wink:


Good luck! May the procedurally generated and seamless Force without loading screens be with you!

Its been some time :smile:
Thanks for all the interesting news on the game. Thanks for all gamedev.net contributions!!!


Bon courage ! // Best of luck!

We’re sure this KS is gonna kick some ass :wink:

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May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Thank you! Your work is so great, your dedication and ambition so inspiring! Keep it up and don’t forget to try to have some fun!

Edit: Picard in my profile pic says “You da man, I-Novae!”


I just picture you guys sitting there at your PCs, with coffee/tea, having nervous and excited chats with your colleagues on some instant messaging chatroom, mentally preparing for what is about to come. Must be an awesome and scary feeling.


All the best to you and your team!