360 Spherical Panoramas


I thought it would be nice, to have some spherical 360 degree panoramas from the battlescape-prototype POIs. Additional a half-sphere for the cockpit could be created.

For that purpose I would like to request somebody who has the prototype installed to record footage that can be used to create such panoramas. For doing this, it would be great if the cockpit and HUD could get invisible and one could slowly rotate at one place to look in every direction.

With that material I can create panoramas by using Microsoft ICE which is available here for free to create the material and afterwards I would like to try making the panoramas available with pannellum.


Very nice stuff, I was thinking of a 3D video like the recent Star Wars one, but that would require dev involvement and this is just as good to get the message across. I hope you get the material you need, having links to other planets and stations in the 3D views would make it even more interesting.

That video was truly incredible, but yes it would be really nice to create some interactive panoramas from the prototype. It would help people feel like they can look around even though they don’t have a copy yet!

I don’t like the star wars video due to its bad quality. Actually the best would be something like the Google Jump project. But also this is not easily doable. So I ask for footage to create one spherical panorama. If this turns out nicely, I would love to add more panoramas to it.

It would be cool if we could click the buttons and travel to each moon/location like in the example. @TARS @Playbenni would you help with this? It would be great. Maybe even ones with cockpit and ones without. Having everything static helps too, as nothing is moving between captures.

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First Video, soon done processing. The looking around is not very smooth at the moment, sorry.

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Cool :smile: