2018 Winter Olympics

So, I’m going to be stationed in Japan during the 2018 Winter Olympics, and a buddy will be stationed out of Guam. As such, we are planning on attending the Olympics for three days to see the Ice Hockey Semifinals, Snowboarding Finals, and Figure Skating Finals. Looking at ticket prices, these events have tickets for Category A, B, and C. Does anybody have any knowledge of what these different categories entail, roughly? I’m assuming Hockey and Ice Skating, A will be center field, B to the sides, and C the nosebleeds. However, Snowboarding only has A and B, and is not held indoors.

You’re probably on the right track. The snowboarding half pipes are definitely too large to be indoors so that’s not surprising. Sounds really cool though, have a great time! I’m up in mammoth right now and it’s about to dump hard so my winter Olympics are now!