2,953 Days (8 Years, 1 Month, 1 Day) since discovering Infinity

Today marks the 7th Year of the day when I discovered Infinity: The Quest for Earth. I have been checking back weekly or at least a few times a month, to check on progress!

I have it noted down on an old diary list of things I discovered and chose to follow since high school :slight_smile:

Infinity is the last survivor of projects I chose to follow, and I’m glad that it’s getting closer and closer. Hopefully not another 2556.7 days to go though! :smiley:

How long have you guy’s been following Infinity?


I don’t remember the exact date but I believe it was the fall of 2008. So somewhere around 2200 days(?) (roughly 6 years) :open_mouth:

2015 Edit: at the day of the KS it’s roughly 7 years!

Don’t have a number but loooong would be a pretty accurate description… Compared to you guys it’s probably not that long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I think 2010-2011 but I’m not sure.

I’ve been around since 2006 - things have changed but I’ll stick around to see how it turns out.

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I’ve discovered this in 2009, but joined the forums around mid-late 2010. So it’s only been ~4 1/2 years.

EDIT: 5 years. I can dooz mathies.

Five or six years?

Just registered but I’ve been following Infinity since 2006, checking progress every now and then. I still remember that I left Star Wars Galaxies in November 2005 and was searching for a replacement in the following months and stumbled upon Infinity. And I just found a dusty folder on my NAS dated November 2006 with several of the really old Infinity videos, like the planet with ring, nebula and even a city concept!


I know it was in 2010 that I found Infinity. I just can’t remember when exactly in 2010 it was to save me life.

It was sometime in early 07. I remember looking for a Space MMO and found infinity and played the ICP for awhile…but then I wanted the real game and started playing eve in late 07(Ahh the good ole days(not really, bittervet syndrome, it was always bad(recurring parenthesis hehe)))

I’ve been around for 1936 days. oO

since 2010. when i was watching some space stuff on youtube, then i found videos of infinity.

2961 days, since August 11th 2006. Really looking forward to seeing all the new stuff, and the Kickstarter! =D

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I first heard about the Infinity engine circa 2004 (about 10 years ago). Back then it was mostly snippets of information gathered from the internet from various people in the know. :wink: IIRC the forum started sometime in 2005 where I tended to mostly lurk, I didn’t really become a forum member until late 2006.

I use to follow this project avidly back in those days, but I very rarely come here now. Instead I spend most of my free time following the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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Too long. It’s been a complete mess the whole time, though not obviously so until the last couple years when things that were promised kept being put off, and then the entire concept of the game changed to something no more interesting than what a dozen other games that have already stepped up to the plate are offering. Infinity the MMO isn’t ever happening, and it’s doubtful that at this point the Battlescape Kickstarter will even succeed. Almost nobody knows this game/engine even exists, and no amount of last minute marketing is going to salvage the funding in a world with so many competitors. Four years ago there was no competition, and now space sims are being announced every other day. Battlescape doesn’t offer anything that other games aren’t offering, unlike The Quest For Earth.

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3280 days, in seven days time I’ll have been a member of this forum for nine years, It’s been a good ride with some incredible highs. Most memorable moment was hanging out on the IRC channel when Flavien released the first combat prototype.


So I just shocked myself! I first heard about this when one of my friends told me about it back in 2008. Since then so many things have happened in my life! But through all that time, I think this is still one of the best communities I have encountered. I have a lot of respect for all the guys dedicating their time to the project and wish them well whether I get to play anything or not!!

After about 2,285 days here, I might as well continue to stick around… :smiley:

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2009 i think? I just wish the focus was on the engine’s mechanics and getting something playable out in it soonm using the engine’s unique scale for gameplay. Instead they’ve obsessed over graphics and attempting to make a niche engine marketable, attempting to win the graphics race with teams many times the size. Hindsight though.

I’m a complete greenhorn at only 1973 days.

I honestly can’t remeber. It was pre 2010 or 2010 …

Anyone can remember for me?

I’m pretty sure it was 2008, so let’s say 2200 days…