$2,500 Pledge Tier

Just a quick and simple question: what perks do the +5 game copies get if we pledge at this tier? A quick list of previous tier rewards:

-Forum Badge (multiple possibilities here) and corresponding ship decals
-Special Weapon Effects
-Latest internal builds
-Dev Forum access
-Procedural planet bobblehead
-Limited edition skins
-Limited edition decals
-Alpha builds
-Space whale bobblehead
-SFC Interceptor
-Beta builds
-Googly-eyed asteroid bobblehead
-Digital artbook
-Digital soundtrack
-Limited edition skin for one ship
-Name in credits

Items in bold are items I would like to see at a minimum, items in italics are items I don’t expect to be there.

I don’t expect to see my additional copies in the Dev access, but I wouldn’t complain either. I added all the pre-created skins/weapon effects/etc only because they are prerendered and require no additional development time.


It looks nice. althought my laptop is not so good to play this game. Good luck.

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Have you considered the possibility that you may have a better system in two years time?

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Your bold list pretty much sums it up - the $150 reward tier, minus badges, but with the procedural planet bobblehead:

  • Procedural planet bobblehead
  • Space whale bobblehead
  • Googly eyed asteroid bobblehead
  • Alpha access
  • Limited edition skins for all of your ships
  • Limited edition skin for one ship
  • Kickstarter exclusive SFC Mercenary Operative Interceptor
  • Digital art book and sound track
  • Limited edition decals

I had no idea the additional copies came with perks, I figured they would just be keys for the retail game. You may want to make that fact more obvious.

Yeah this is just occurring to me now.

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I agree with the making more visible, but I’m not sure that the +5 perks are going to be what really sells the pledge tier (although it certainly doesn’t hurt to effectively have $750 worth of perks rolled into it for friends and family).

Thanks for the response, I got pretty much everything I asked for (minus specialty weapons, but that was one of the few items that I had already been very hesitant to add to my bolded list anyway).

I have only one request, and it is certainly not a deal breaker (and it may even be unpopular amongst forum-goers). Can the +5 get the in-game forum tier decals also? I’m not even sure what they’d look like at this point, but having the ability to make every ship identical in some manner (or even using them as in-game visible rank for Corporations) would be something I’d like.

There is also something I’ve been somewhat confused about, regarding the limited edition skins. One tier offers “Limited edition skin for one ship” and another offers “Limited edition skins for all of your ships.” Is the “one skin” tier just a selection from one of the “all ships” tier, or an additional skin alongside those?

The last thing I would like to ask, and it is a very fringe case: If one of the people I give a copy to wants to “up their pledge” via PayPal post-kickstarter, is there a certain tier they will be adding onto? Is there a certain amount they would have to add to get the perks not already listed, specifically the latest internal builds and dev forum access and forum badges?

Sorry for the questions, but it’s all worth knowing I think! @INovaeKeith

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