Frame Rate

With the release, my frame rates have hit the floor at 1 to 6 FPS.
Switching to low quality does not seem to help.

Mine seem the same, might want to post your system specs and driver versions

I was able to get it up to the 30’s by changing my NVidia 3D settings to use High-performance NVIDIA processor (was set to Integrated Graphics).

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Oh hi wasn’t I trying to kill you in the game?(really I was just trying to say hi but you kept running or fighting me so I joined in) Well that explains you teleporting around with lag. Also my fps was the same.

Funny, I thought that you fired first (no biggy). Anyways, it’s cool. I wasn’t there to fight, I was testing my frame rates and looking at the new stuff. When I am there to fight, I use an alias. That way if I kill somebody “too much”, we can still be friends on the outside :slight_smile: